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Unitech Barcode Scanner

Unitech is a manufacturer of low cost reliable barcode readers. Unitech Scanners cover a wide range of environments including retail, library, healthcare, and warehouse. Their scanners can come in handheld, presentation and wand form while their scanning technology encompasses both 1D and 2D barcode reading. Unitech even offers iOS/Android compatible scanners. Unitech’s top barcode scanners include the AS10 (Corded General Purpose), MS210 (Wand Scanner), and MS910 (Pocket Scanner). In addition to barcode scanners, Unitech Mobile Computers are available with integrated scanners and a full operating system. Call one of our experts to get a free consultation on a Unitech Scanner solution or to request a quantity discount.

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Unitech MS650 Barcode Scanner

Unitech MS650

The Unitech MS650 Bluetooth Ring Scanner (1D) is a barcode scanner, tightly packed in a small form factor that goes around your finger. The MS650 keeps your hands free to use while still being able to scan while moving. Light and ergonomic, the...


Unitech MS652+ Barcode Scanner

Unitech MS652+

The Unitech MS652+ Wearable 2D Ring Scanner is a recent addition to Unitech's ever-growing data collection commerce. The MS652+ is compact and lightweight, wrapping around your finger so you can keep both hands free while scanning. Comfortable for...

$402.70 to $428.60

Unitech MS250 Barcode Scanner

Unitech MS250

The Unitech MS250 High Performance Contact Scanner (1D) is the most suited scanner for inventory control, document processing, point-of-sale, and other various applications in marketing. With the simplicity of operation and setup, the MS250 ensures...

$49.90 to $57.10

Unitech MS340 Barcode Scanner

Unitech MS340

The Unitech MS340 Handheld Imager Scanner (1D) is able to scan barcodes at long ranges as a CCD scanner. The MS340 is both comfortable and ergonomic, allowing its users to operate it in either handheld or presentation mode. Whatever the usage, the...

$89.70 to $98.80

Unitech MS340B Barcode Scanner

Unitech MS340B

The Unitech MS340B 2.4GHz Wireless Barcode scanner (1D) is the most ideal for warehouses, small businesses, or retail spaces, providing a wireless connection up to 300 feet. The MS840B is compatible with any smartphone, tablet, or computer. Without...


Unitech MS840B Barcode Scanner

Unitech MS840B

The Unitech MS840 Bluetooth Wireless Laser Scanner is efficient in scanning thanks to its high-speed Mantis decoder. With Bluetooth connectivity up to 300 feet, the MS840B supports multi point-to-point use, allowing up to 3 scanners to connect and...

Unitech MS842B Barcode Scanner

Unitech MS842B

The Unitech MS842B Bluetooth Barcode scanner (2D) combines both the mobility aspect of Bluetooth with the design of a tough, durable scanner at an affordable rate. Reliable in many different settings, the MS842B comes with a high-performance scan...

$206.40 to $490.60

Unitech MS912+ Barcode Scanner

Unitech MS912+

The Unitech MS912+ Bluetooth Companion Scanner is the perfect companion for scanning while on the move. With Bluetooth available, the MS912+ can pair easily to your smartphone, tablet, or computer with no additional setup required. The MS912+ has an...

$176.70 to $183.40

Unitech MS916 Barcode Scanner

Unitech MS916

The Unitech MS916 Bluetooth Companion Scanner (1D) allows users to easily scan and check the information scanned immediately after. The MS916 has a built-in 1-inch OLED display to assist users easily while on the move. Useful in point-of-sale, asset...


Unitech MS926 Barcode Scanner

Unitech MS926

The Unitech MS926 Bluetooth Companion Scanner (2D) has double the performance while decoding, all while being in a pocket-sized scanner. The MS926 provides the power of a mobile computer combined with the scanning capabilities of a barcode scanner....


Unitech MS100 Barcode Scanner

Unitech MS100

The Unitech MS100 Barcode Wand is both compact and ergonomic, all in a pen form factor. The MS100 is ideal for any low-volume application, while being cost effective. While being the least expensive barcode scanner in market, the MS100 still comes...

$95.10 to $104.60

Unitech FC75 Barcode Scanner

Unitech FC75

The Unitech FC75 Hands-Free Scanner (2D) is capable of reading any barcode on any surface reliably every time. The FC75 doesn't obstruct your work as it leaves a tiny footprint while on a fixed mount. Ensuring efficiency and reliability while...


Unitech Parts

Products and parts from Unitech.

$10.20 to $2,515.20

Unitech MS836 Barcode Scanner

Unitech MS836

The Unitech MS836 Basic Handheld Laser Scanner (1D) provides efficiency, quality, and consistency all in a handheld form factor. While the MS836 doesn't have advanced features as other scanners, the low cost and toughness will ensure it matches the...


Unitech MS925 HC Barcode Scanner

Unitech MS925 HC

The Unitech MS925 HC Bluetooth Companion Scanner is built with hospitality, field service, and health care environments in mind. Being highly affordable, the MS925 HC is efficient in managing inventory, assets, and customer data. The MS925 HC...


Unitech MS852B+ Barcode Scanner

Unitech MS852B+

The Unitech MS852B+ Bluetooth Imager Scanner (2D) provides the answers you need to scan in logistics, inventory management in warehousing, industrial manufacturing, and more. With Bluetooth capabilities, the MS852B+ can scan up to 100 meters and...

$444.30 to $598.60

Unitech MS852B+ HC Barcode Scanner

Unitech MS852B+ HC

The Unitech MS852B+ HC Bluetooth Antimicrobial 2D Barcode scanner is built with health care safety in mind, providing easy identification for patients who have barcodes on wristbands and lessening mistakes for prescriptions. The MS852B+ HC follows...

$155.90 to $643.60

Unitech MS852B+ ESD Barcode Scanner

Unitech MS852B+ ESD

The Unitech MS852B+ ESD Bluetooth ESD Imager Scanner (2D) is built to comply with strict requirements of cleanliness in static-safe manufacturing environments. In order to shield itself from ESD, the MS852B+ is built with antistatic agents, applying...

$151.40 to $605.70

Unitech MS852B LR Barcode Scanner

Unitech MS852B LR

The Unitech MS852B LR Ultra Longe Range Bluetooth Imager Scanner (2D) is truly remarkable in terms of scanning distance. Along with Bluetooth connectivity, the MS852B LR can scan both 1D/2D barcodes and special OCR and DotCode barcodes as well up to...

$273.90 to $1,137.20

Unitech TS100 Barcode Scanner

Unitech TS100

The Unitech TS100 Presentation Scanner (2D) is the perfect solution for retail, event ticketing, and food service where space saving is a must. Being lightweight and able to be fixed onto counters, the TS100 makes reading from smartphones and...


Unitech MS851B Barcode Scanner

Unitech MS851B

The Unitech MS851B Bluetooth Laser Scanner (1D) combines Bluetooth capability with affordable pricing to bring the perfect scanner for warehousing, logistics, and manufacturing. The MS851B comes with Bluetooth dual mode technology, meaning it can...


Unitech MS851B ESD Barcode Scanner

Unitech MS851B ESD

The Unitech MS851B ESD Bluetooth ESD Laser Scanner (1D) complies with even the strictest requirements of clean rooms and static-safe manufacturing environments. The MS851B ESD along with its cable has been coated with an antistatic agent to be used...


Unitech MS851 Barcode Scanner

Unitech MS851

The Unitech MS851 Handheld Laser Scanner (1D) is best used in document processing, retail, and inventory applications, providing both precision and swiftness. Built to last, the MS851 can be dropped from up to 6.8 feet. The MS851 is a competitive...


Unitech MS851 ESD Barcode Scanner

Unitech MS851 ESD

The Unitech MS851 Rugged Handheld Laser ESD Scanner is designed to comply with the strictest requirements of static-safe manufacturing and clean room environments. With its high performance, the MS851 ESD can be used in many different ways with both...


Unitech MS852+ Barcode Scanner

Unitech MS852+

The Unitech MS852+ Handheld Imager Scanner (2D) is built for various application purposes such as retail stores, airports, and industrial manufacturing. The MS852+ is able to read 1D/2D barcodes alongside special barcodes like OCR, DotCode, and...

$189.80 to $563.30

Unitech MS926P Barcode Scanner

Unitech MS926P

The Unitech MS926P Wireless Companion Scanner (2D) is a pocketable scanner that has superior communication and swift data collection. The MS926P was built with health care in mind, allowing staff to carry around easily while working. With the...


Unitech MS838 Barcode Scanner

Unitech MS838

The Unitech MS838 Basic Handheld Laser Scanner (2D) brings affordability together with reliability. Tough to read barcodes are no problem for the MS838. The reliable nature of the MS838 makes it perfect for point-of-sale, inventory control, and...

$56.00 to $63.60

Unitech MS838B Barcode Scanner

Unitech MS838B

Unitech brings the MS838B 2D Imager Scanner to the table with all the latest technology advancements to satisfy any need from its users. At an affordable price, the MS838B comes with 2.4G wireless technology with connections not dropping up to 100...


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