TSC Label Printers Pass GS1 Barcode Testing and Certification

Posted December 5, 2013

2013-12-05_0953In recent years, the growing popularity of smart phones has triggered the increased use of two-dimensional barcodes, which offer large data-storage capacity and are secure and easily readable. This has resulted in the need for standardized tests, including GS1 certification testing, to ensure the quality and readability of two-dimensional barcodes.

Eleven TSC barcode label printers have recently passed rigorous GS1 two-dimensional barcode tests and have been found to be in compliance with international standards. The 11 models, supporting Data Matrix, QR code and GS1 Databar barcode types, were tested with 88 different labels and passed 18 ISO IEC 15415 two-dimensional barcode quality tests. The validation testing, which included light source, print quality and other assessments, was done using advanced measuring instruments and stringent control standards.

Validated desktop models include the:

Since last year, GS1 has been promoting its two-dimensional-barcode testing services designed to ensure compliance with ISO standards and all GS1 barcode requirements.

“We hope to achieve fair, objective and technically correct verification of all the two dimensional barcodes symbols used everywhere and continue to assist the domestic barcode equipment suppliers to provide the best quality products.” said James Perng, Manager, Taiwan GS1.

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