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ICYMI: How to Manage your Tools with Barcodes and RFID with Gigatrak

Posted March 26, 2019

In case you miss our webinar today, click on the video and discover how Barcodes and Gigatrak’s Tool Tracking System can help you manage your assets, or tools through our self hosted or cloud solution.

In this webinar, you will learn about the benefits of Barcodes vs RFID tracking solutions, how it can help you maximize control and return of investments in your facility.

Key Components:

  1. Managing your tool and inventory can help you reduce operating costs and protect your investments.
  2. The benefits of using a tool tracking management system.
  3. How to choose which tag works best for your operations? Barcodes, RFID, or Both?

If you have any questions, please contact our marketing manager, Lorna Malja, at [email protected] or at 855-253-5508.


How to Manage your Tools with Barcodes and RFID?

Posted March 21, 2019
Gigatrak barcodes asset tracking free webinar. Learn how to reduce operating costs in your operations.
Don’t let your tools or assets be a reason why you’re losing cost in your operations. Reduce operating costs, find out how you can manage your inventory, assets, and tools with Gigatrak. With real- time information, asset trails, notifications, and accessibility on inventory and tools information from any computer. Easy check in and check out equipment or locations with a simple scan. Come join us in a free webinar with Gigatrack, where you will learn how managing your tool assets can help you reduce operating costs and protect your investment. Register here:

Tuesday, March 26th at 11-11:30AM CST Presented by: Arnie Hetzel- Director of Sales and Marketing, Gigatrak Christie Bemis- Sales Lead, Gigatrak Lorna Malja- Marketing Manager, Barcodes

Don’t just track it, Gigatrak it!

King Living Tracks Products and Manages Processes with the Datalogic PowerScan PM8300

Posted October 12, 2015

David and Gwen King began designing foam furniture from their home in Australia in 1977, selling the few items they created at the local Paddy’s Market. Customers really liked the furniture, and year after year this small family business grew and expanded introducing new designs, materials and models. Today, King Living is a major player in the Australian furniture industry with 14 showrooms and 5 depots across the country. The company has been recognized with several awards and has been featured at famous events such as Vanity Fair’s Oscars After Party. King Living attributes its success to the company’s commitment to uniqueness and excellence. The company always guarantees high quality products with a touch of style.

The Challenge
In order to keep up with demand and ensure customer satisfaction, King Living must have smooth running processes in all aspects of the business, especially regarding product management and tracking.  Therefore, the company wanted to streamline the work flow and started looking for a solution that could provide real-time information on stock levels and locations throughout the warehouse.  It was also essential that the solution be implemented with the least amount of disruption to day-to-day business activities.

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