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VeriFone Payment Terminal & Printer

VeriFone offers a comprehensive range of point-of-sale terminals and printers, and innovative software payment solutions. Select from countertop, integrated and stand-alone payment terminals models.

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VeriFone MX830 Payment Terminal

VeriFone MX830

The Verifone MX830 is exceptionally durable and stands up to heavy-use environments. Keys are laser-etched to preserve letters and numbers. The touch screen uses specially hardened glass that resists scratching for a clear view over the life of the...

$347.40 to $512.70

VeriFone MX 880 Payment Terminal

VeriFone MX 880

The VeriFone MX 880 is two essential POS solutions in one delivering high-impact promotions and value-added applications, while securely processing payments in every kind of retail situation. The MX 880 combines Verifone"s largest full-motion video...

VeriFone MX915 Payment Terminal

VeriFone MX915

The VeriFone's MX915 delivers a rich media experience with a brilliant, 4.3" color display, powerful processor and generous memory. This elegantly designed, sleek and space saving unit is NFC enabled and supports full motion video driving new...

$474.60 to $830.00

VeriFone MX925 Payment Terminal

VeriFone MX925

With the largest and highest resolution display in the industry, the MX925 creates an entirely new dimension in consumer POS experiences. The remarkable 7" WVGA color display is large enough to comfortably accommodate signature capture on one half...

$560.00 to $763.00

VeriFone Vx 520 Payment Terminal

VeriFone Vx 520

We didn"t skimp when we designed the VX 520. The industry"s fastest processor "" ARM 11 "" handles more transactions in less time for greater profits. Plus, explosive memory capability that can exceed 500MB means more revenue from value-added...

$404.30 to $501.10

VeriFone Vx 610 Payment Terminal

VeriFone Vx 610

The VeriFone Vx 610 is a portable powerhouse - a battery-powered payment device with exceptional performance and high-end functionality. It uses the latest wireless technologies - CDMA and GPRS - and has advanced security with PCI PED approval....


VeriFone Vx 670 Payment Terminal

VeriFone Vx 670

The VeriFone Vx 670 is the world's smallest all-in-one wireless handheld payment device. Built with purpose-inspired design - with the end user in mind - the Vx 670 is a radical revolution at hand. The PCI PED approved Vx 670 is a small, sleek, and...


VeriFone Vx 680 Payment Terminal

VeriFone Vx 680

The Vx 680 is built on all of the great things you love about the Vx 670 MAXui, multiple wireless connectivity options including Wi-Fi, GPRS and Bluetooth, memory that can exceed 500 MB, and the industry"s first ARM 11 processor for lightning fast...


VeriFone Vx 810 Payment Terminal

VeriFone Vx 810

The VeriFone Vx 810 has built-in modularity for a future-proof investment. It has extensive memory for multiple applications, a wide range of connectivity options all from a single port, plus an SDIO expansion slot that allows for contactless...

VeriFone Vx 820 Payment Terminal

VeriFone Vx 820

The Vx 820 provides all the bells and whistles retailers ever wanted in a PIN pad, with the stylish design that consumers are drawn to and familiar with. A brilliant, vibrant 3.5" color display ensures awesome readability and usability. Plus,...


VeriFone VX 805 Payment Terminal

VeriFone VX 805

Verifone's powerful, fast VX 805 PIN pad provides everything needed to securely accept payments and other transactions, with the agility to quickly embrace future technological change, including NFC mobile commerce and EMV. The sleek device is easy...

VeriFone e355

VeriFone e355

The Verifone e355 is a compact, flexible mobile payment product designed to operate across multiple generations of smart devices for use in a variety of environments. The solution can function in standalone mode completely independent of smart...

$508.30 to $946.80

VeriFone VX 690

VeriFone VX 690

Verifone's VX 690 is big on portable performance. With the latest 3G wireless modem""plus Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities""the VX 690 offers unheard-of flexibility for merchants on the move. Lightning-fast transactions, a large touch-screen...


VeriFone UX 300

VeriFone UX 300

Consider the UX 300 card reader/controller your new, most dependable employee. This versatile, self-service solution provides secure and reliable transactions for vending machines, public transportation and other unattended, high-transaction-volume...

VeriFone UX 400

VeriFone UX 400

Contactless transactions are where the world is heading. Depend on the UX 400/UX 401 contactless solution to be ready for NFC-enabled payments, quick-identification confirmation or other contactless transactions at unattended,...

VeriFone UX 100

VeriFone UX 100

Take your unattended transactions to the next level with the UX 100 PIN pads. These secure modules work with other UX devices to meet self-service demands indoors and out. Featuring an LCD screen that helps guide the customer experience, the UX 100...

VeriFone Parts

Products and parts from VeriFone.

$11.50 to $3,242.90

VeriFone MX850 - Discontinued.

VeriFone MX860 - Discontinued.

VeriFone MX870 - Discontinued.

VeriFone Vx 510 - Discontinued.

VeriFone Vx 570 - Discontinued. Replaced by the VeriFone Vx 520

VeriFone MX760 - Discontinued.

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