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Unlock the Power of MPOWER 250 Modular Mobile Cart Batteries for Your Warehouse

Posted June 5, 2023

Introducing DTG’s MPOWER Advantage, the ultimate solution to revolutionize your warehouse operations. Our advanced 250 LFP batteries combine cutting-edge technology with a lightweight and ergonomic design, delivering clean, swappable, and uninterrupted power to your electronics.

With each battery providing up to 250 watts of output and backed by an industry-leading 5-year warranty, you can trust in the unrivaled performance and reliability of MPOWER batteries.

Trust the Most Trusted Brand in the Industry
When it comes to mobile workstations and the batteries that power them, DTG’s MPOWER batteries reign supreme. With over 50,000 batteries deployed across 4 continents, our safe, reliable, and powerful 24/7 battery systems have empowered the largest companies in the world. Join the ranks of industry leaders who trust MPOWER to enhance their operations.

Unmatched 5-Year Warranty for Unparalleled Peace of Mind
With our industry-leading 5-year warranty, you can rest easy knowing that your investment is protected. DTG stands behind the performance and dependability of our MPOWER batteries, harnessing configurable and scalable solid-state technology to ensure uninterrupted power supply for years to come.

Safety First with the Planet’s Safest Battery Chemistry
At DTG, safety is our top priority. That’s why we have crafted MPOWER batteries using the most advanced Lithium-Iron-Phosphate (LFP) chemistry available. Our batteries hold the strongest globally backed safety certifications and boast the cleanest environmental properties. With MPOWER, you can confidently power your warehouse operations while prioritizing the well-being of your workforce and the planet.

Unlock a World of Features for Optimal Performance
MPOWER batteries are designed to exceed your expectations and empower your warehouse operations. With expandable battery capacity from 250Wh to 750Wh, the world’s most advanced Battery Management System (BMS), and 24/7 availability through an uninterruptible battery system, MPOWER delivers unparalleled flexibility and reliability. Our batteries are lightweight, quiet, agile, and efficient, providing the perfect solution for your warehouse needs. Plus, every MPOWER battery comes with our industry-leading 5-year warranty for your peace of mind.

Empower Your Legacy Carts with MPOWER Repower
Don’t let outdated cart systems hold back your warehouse productivity. Upgrade your carts with the DTG MPower Green Battery System and enjoy a 5-year warranty like never before. Solving 90% of problems at just 50% of the cost, our MPower system breathes new life into your existing carts, extending their battery life by 5+ years. Compatible with various cart systems, including Altus, Capsa/Rubbermaid, Enovate, Ergotron, and more, DTG MPower is the ultimate solution to enhance the longevity and performance of your mobile workstations.

Clinically Designed for Optimal Performance and Ergonomics
MPOWER batteries are not just powerful; they are clinically and ergonomically designed to elevate your warehouse operations. With the world’s most advanced Battery Management System (BMS), 24/7 availability through an uninterruptible battery system, and a focus on safety and performance, MPOWER batteries deliver an exceptional user experience. Say goodbye to hallway clutter as our JCAHO-friendly design ensures a tidy and efficient workspace.

Reduce IT Support and Maintenance Hassles
Rapid diagnosis right on the floor, virtually maintenance-free operation, and remote diagnostics capability make MPOWER batteries a dream for IT support and maintenance teams. Field proven with over 50,000 batteries in service worldwide, our batteries offer unparalleled reliability and reduce the burden on your IT resources. Choose MPOWER for a hassle-free mobile workstation experience.

Ready to supercharge your warehouse operations with MPOWER 250 Modular Mobile Cart Batteries and Workstations? Contact us today to discuss how MPOWER can transform your warehouse into a powerhouse of efficiency and reliability. Experience the DTG advantage and take control of your warehouse’s future.

Four Ways to Incorporate Powered Mobile Carts in Retail

Posted December 28, 2022
powered mobile carts for retail newcastle barcodes inc

Powered mobile carts for retail eliminate the challenges of stationary point of sale infrastructure, providing the best customer experience possible. Here’s how (free infographic included below).

Are You Prepared to Adapt Your Checkout Technology?

POS in many stores tend to be anchored to checkout aisle stations. You have a monitor, printer, a handheld barcode scanner, stationary conveyor scanner, and a touchscreen payment terminal. The cash register, network, and wiring do not give you much leeway to reconfigure checkout for optimal revenue in peak shopping periods.

Customers won’t be eager to return to a checkout environment with long lines and suboptimal item scanning.

Introduce curbside pickup, e-commerce fulfillment and returns, and the need for a clear picture of inventory counts at all times – soon the need to mobilize a wireless, all-in-one checkout station becomes apparent.

4 Impactful Ways to Incorporate Powered Mobile Carts in Retail Environments

Newcastle Systems has long been an industry leader in mobile carts (picture computer, printer, scanner, and shelves on wheels with no power cords).

Powered mobile carts for retail applications are no different.

Here’s 4 ways to elevate your retail experience with powered mobile carts.

Mobilize Your Checkout and Inventory Management Today

Keep customers returning day after day with shorter lines, easy checkout, accurate stock information, and more. The NB Series from Newcastle is among many powered mobile cart solutions that does just that. Ready to learn more?

Newcastle MK LT Series DS0121 Cart

Posted May 20, 2022

Sometimes, you just need a mobile computer cart to get the job done right.

The MK LT Series DS0121 from Newcastle Systems is inexpensive, lightweight, and has the potential to increase output by at least fifty percent.

lt series ds0121 mobile cart

The DS0121 is our most cost-effective mobile cart system to date, and it was designed specifically for mobile computer and light printing applications in commercial and industrial settings.

The elimination of costly footfall to and from static hardware results in noticeable productivity gains for your workforce. Using the mobile trolley, a laptop, thermal printer, and scanner can be powered all at once. That means fewer redundant trips, and fewer instances where scanners run out of charge.

The amount of energy, time, and money saved when you implemented a powered mobile cart makes for an exceptional price to performance ratio.

Reasons to Love the LT DS0121 Mobile Cart

  • Typical return on investment attained in less than three months
  • Rugged industrial design for improved performance and longevity in the harshest environments
  • Lightweight for any worker to push easily, weighing in at just 63 pounds
  • Compatible with existing hardware – just plug and go
  • Quiet, seamless AC Power

Endless Customization Options for Your Specific Needs

Standard LT Series carts all include a top shelf, middle shelf, and push handles as well as 5″ rubber wheels and locking industrial casters. Beyond these features, LT mobile carts have nearly endless ways to customize them depending on your operational needs.

For one, adjustable laptop and scanner holders can be included on each mobile workstation.

You also have a wide range of battery power options. Most popular is a reusable, lightweight lithium iron battery that will run 24/7 and is easily swappable (or can be installed as a “fixed” battery). Sealed lead acid batteries that run for 8+ hours are another power choice that many warehouses rely on.

Another feature we love is the Bluetooth-enabled app, which displays charge level, cycle life, and more usage statistics (available for Android and Apple).

See the LT DS0121 Mobile Cart in Action

For more detailed information: [Download the LT DS0121 Mobile Cart Spec Sheet]

Don’t wait on the LT Series. The ROI gains far exceed the modest price tag.

If you think a mobile cart system would be useful in your work environment, please contact us. A representative can point you towards the best mobile cart solution for your needs.

Newcastle Systems Mobile Powered Workstations

Posted May 1, 2019
Looking for portable power? Newcastle Systems mobile powered workstations are designed to hold and power a large variety of additional equipment. It can be used in a wide variety of applications including retail, warehousing and manufacturing. The powered wireless workstations can be integrated with computers, industrial barcode printers, barcode scanners, test and most other small equipment. Together they can improve inventory control, process control, information recording, label printing, product testing, order picking and much more. Newcastle System’s workstations can help eliminate unnecessary foot travel and significantly improve accuracy by having your mobile wireless workstation right at you fingertips. Anytime. Anywhere!
Newcastle Systems powered mobile workstations can improve, speed, capacity, and employee productivity.