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Simplifying Telnet and Webapp GUI with Ivanti Velocity’s Terminal Emulation

Posted July 20, 2023

Is labor shortage or employee turnover a daily challenge? You’re not alone.

There are some serious gaps in the workforce, especially in professional services, hospitality, financial, retail, and manufacturing.

The labor shortage is a multi-faceted problem without a single quick fix. It doesn’t appear skilled workers are going to return to pre-pandemic levels any time soon, either. So what steps can be taken to mitigate this costly, complex challenge?

Barcodes, Inc. has a wide array of integrated technology solutions to address labor shortages, including automation, RFID, and enterprise mobility management. One aspect of high turnover and a shrinking talent pool is slightly overlooked, however: the user experience on the tools you use in your supply chain today.

Would offering a consistent user experience across devices and applications appeal to your workers? The answer is likely yes. Thanks to our strategic partnership with Ivanti, we tackle UI for telnet and web applications head on with industry-leading terminal emulation software.

Introducing Ivanti Velocity

Ivanti Velocity (powered by Wavelink) enables a modern, user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) for legacy workflow applications, all without making changes to your WMS or enterprise application.

image 1

As noted in detail on the Ivanti Velocity spec sheet, the software emulates existing text-based telnet apps on Android devices.

image 3

Without impacting your apps or writing code, Ivanti Velocity brings order picking from their initial “green screen” (pictured on the left below) to a modern, voice-enabled GUI (on the right) that is much simpler to use.

image 2

Your workers will find it much easier to adjust to new Android-enabled hardware without major disruptions to your daily operations. Other key benefits of Ivanti Velocity include:

  • Deploy Android-ready hardware with minimal barrier to entry
  • Maintain your existing host system, (such as a WMS) without modification or migration
  • Modernize your mobile experience with a GUI that is intuitive to navigate and use
  • Increase accuracy and speed of order picking

Please watch this short video on Ivanti Velocity. This mobile application maximizes worker productivity and accuracy, all while reducing onboarding time (and in the long term, turnover).

ICYMI: Re-Engineering Distribution Center Workflow with Voice Automation

Posted November 16, 2021


Re-Engineering Distribution Center Workflow with Voice Automation

Thursday, November 11th, 2:00 PM – 2:30 PM ET

Presented By:

Raul Cepeda Jr. – Barcodes Group

Doug Brown – Honeywell

Kelley Wood – Honeywell

Distribution center operations are under constant pressure to adapt and excel in market dynamics never seen before. Constant labor shortages, increasing demand to add eCommerce delivery options, and massive inbound vendor volatility are a constant threat.

The answer is in process change and data collection technology that enables worker automation. Join Barcodes and Honeywell on this webinar where we dive into the issues and things you need to know before your start your DC transformation.

In the webinar, we cover the following topics and more:

  • Why inefficient workflows such as poorly routed pick paths as so common in distribution centers
  • How a voice automation site analysis can increase worker productivity, accuracy, and safety
  • What the intuitive nature of voice technology does to impact employee onboarding and satisfaction

Contact us to schedule a personalized consultation to see how to incorporate voice automation with Honeywell in your DC.