Star’s New AllReceipts Cloud-based Digital Receipt Solution

Posted April 28, 2015

PrintStar has announced the launch of its new free of charge digital receipting service,  AllReceipts, offering the retailer a low cost and fast route to providing the customer with a digital copy of a printed receipt as well as access to analytics, an in-store customer survey and device management tools.

With zero development required, AllReceipts is enabled with the Star printer driver (TSP100 Series initially with more printers to follow) and works independently of a retailer’s POS software. Being stored and organised in the AllReceipts App on the customer’s mobile device, it eliminates the issues typically associated with email receipting including spam, taking a high quality photo of the receipt and privacy issues. The immediate advantage perceived by the customer is the choice to remain anonymous and yet still receive a digital copy of the receipt.

In addition to providing digital receipts, AllReceipts offers a number of transaction analysis and device management tools. The AllReceipts App invites customers to respond to a suite of easily recognisable icons to acknowledge the quality of service received before claiming their latest receipt. All responses are sent to the survey dashboard for analysis, thus allowing retailers to assess how many customers have claimed receipts and their level of satisfaction at the service received. With the Device Management Tool retailers are able to monitor real time status across the installed base of printers and immediately identify any issues to be addressed with refreshed error status notification on a comprehensive cloud based dashboard. The link between the Device Management Tool and Survey tools will further allow retailers to drill down to the exact POS station involved and determine any issues to be resolved.

AllReceipts Digital Receipts Service Benefits for Retailers

  • Data on all Receipts printed and claimed.
  • Device Management Tool providing real time status across the installed base of printers. Paper empty, cover open, or unplugged printers are immediately identified with refreshed error status notification on a comprehensive cloud based dashboard. This tool will also link customer satisfaction survey results with identified POS stations.
  • “Instant” Customer Satisfaction Survey which the customer completes while claiming the receipt. The link between the Device Management & Survey Tools will allow retailers to drill down to the POS station involved and even help highlight issues from inadequate staff training to criminal activities i.e. POS stations working or not working when they should be.

AllReceipts App Benefits for Consumers

  • Save a digital copy of receipts on the mobile device of choice.
  • No need to take images of receipts for storage.
  • No need to give away email address or mobile number.
  • Receipts can be filed and retrieved by date or retailer.

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