SOTI Connect Now Includes Zebra Printer Management

Posted July 22, 2022
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Zebra Technologies’ best-in-class fleet of mobile and industrial printers is now supported and managed by SOTI Connect. SOTI’s IoT management solution enables organizations in many sectors to manage, protect, and gain greater insight into all IoT devices across their operations.

Zebra and SOTI have worked together for years to develop and mutually test novel strategies for SOTI MobiControl to efficiently manage Zebra mobile computers. This entails supporting Zebra LifeGuard OTA, integrating Zebra secure remote control APIs, and allowing the quick conversion of Zebra devices to Android™ Enterprise.

The Business Case for an IoT Device Management Solution

With improved Zebra printer administration offered by SOTI Connect, which is a component of the SOTI ONE Platform, a long-standing cooperation now becomes even stronger.

Many organizations rely on internal resources to manage IoT devices. Zebra also provides their own excellent mobile device management. Where SOTI Connect really shines is helping reduce total ownership costs.

The costs and time required to deploy, manage, support, secure, and update hundreds of devices quickly adds up. Hours of productivity lost when a printer goes down. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in data lost in a data breach. “Missing” devices. Troubleshooting firmware updates manually.

Discover how to effectively manage Zebra printers at scale in the video below.

Zebra Printer Management Is Easy With SOTI Connect

Take control and ensure your Zebra printers perform at their very best.

Quick Deployment

It doesn’t have to take hours or days to deploy and set your Zebra printers up. As soon as your Zebra printers are connected, customize them to match the specific requirements of your company and you’re done.

Better Visibility

Gather important information, like the state of the battery, the device’s temperature, memory consumption, data usage, and printing speed. Take action based on data to increase the efficiency and return on investment of your Zebra printers, whether they are located nearby or halfway across the world.

Protection from Data Breaches

60 percent of firms worldwide experience data loss due to printer security breaches. With one click, you can update firewall configurations and apply security updates on your Zebra printers at scale.

Automated Error Alerts

If a printer isn’t functioning properly, SOTI Connect automatically sends remediation steps to resolve issues as soon as possible. This cuts down on expensive downtime as well as the total cost of ownership for your fleet of Zebra printers.

Automatic Firmware and OS Upgrades

Zebra printers can automatically check for and apply firmware and operating system upgrades, freeing up your IT personnel to focus on more pressing problems.

For a closer look at everything on offer, download the SOTI Connect data sheet.

Which Zebra Printers Does SOTI Connect Support?

SOTI Connect is designed to handle several IoT protocols, making control Zebra mobile and industrial printer management easier than ever.

New Zebra printers are supported by SOTI Connect’s data-driven architecture as soon as they become live.

Zebra printers that SOTI Connect supports:

  • ZQ310
  • ZQ320
  • ZQ511
  • ZQ511R
  • ZQ521
  • ZQ521R
  • ZQ610
  • ZQ620
  • ZQ630
  • ZQ630R
  • ZR318
  • ZR328
  • ZR658
  • ZR668
  • ZT411
  • ZT421
  • ZT510
  • ZT610
  • ZT620
  • ZD421C
  • ZD421D
  • ZD421T
  • ZD510
  • ZD621D

If you’ve purchased any of these printers, contact us today to see just how much time and money SOTI Connect can save your organization.

You depend on Zebra for high-quality printers. With SOTI Connect, you make the very most of your investment on a single IoT platform.

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