Microscan demonstrates the latest 2D barcode imagers for Direct Part Mark reading at Shanghai Automotive Components Show

Posted August 11, 2010

Microscan has announced successful results from the recent Automotive Components Shanghai show. During the show, Microscan demonstrated their diverse line of barcode and machine vision products for automotive parts traceability and error proofing processes, including the latest 2D barcode imagers optimized for reading direct part marks.

The Automotive Components exhibition featured suppliers of products such as engine parts, electrical equipment, fuel systems, cooling systems, engine-driven compressors, fans, air conditioners, suspension members, tires, and chassis. At the exhibition, Microscan demonstrated their barcode scanners and 2D barcode imagers, machine vision software, smart cameras, and machine vision lighting.

Local interest in Microscan’s product line was very strong, especially among suppliers recognizing the growing demand for barcode traceability of automotive parts. Of particular interest were Microscan’s QX Hawk and Mobile Hawk imagers, which are optimized to read challenging 2D direct part marks such as Data Matrix. Permanently marked Data Matrix codes are becoming more commonplace to identify and trace components used in automotive and aerospace manufacturing.

Microscan products are commonly used in automotive assembly for critical data tracking applications including monitoring quality assurance, spill prevention, error proofing, reduction of costly reworks, and to increase production yields. Microscan helps companies ensure quality and increase productivity through diverse applications with barcode and machine vision. Barcode tracking and traceability applications include parts traceability, WIP tracking, spill prevention and containment, build-sheet reading, and verification. Machine vision applications include placement verification, error proofing and assembly validation, sorting parts, dimensional gauging, and quality assurance, and robotic guidance.

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