AML Introduces the New Triton Series Mobile Computer

Posted January 16, 2014

AML has unveiled their new Triton, a rugged but cost-effective wireless handheld terminal designed specifically for terminal emulation applications. This powerful new device combines the familiar functionality of the previous generation model with updated features, including a rugged, high-visibility backlit LCD display, the latest in Wi-Fi radio technology from Summit Data Communications, a more durable keypad and more.

The new Triton features a backlit LCD display, lit with a bright white backlight. The screen is highly visible in any conditions—full sun, dim or dark–the clarity and visibility of the Triton display is unparalleled. The handheld is also equipped with an enterprise class Summit radio with 802.11 b/g/n connectivity. This best-in-class radio provides a crystal clear medium for industrial Wi-Fi communications.

The Triton’s keypad is protected with clear epoxy domed tops for improved durability. The added layer of protection makes the keys impervious to abrasive wear that could cause them to become illegible or nonfunctional.

The new handheld terminal also features the newest barcode scan engine technology from Motorola, the SE965, which supports near and mid-range scanning distances.

Similar to the previous generation model, the M7220, the Triton can be quickly deployed with minimal configuration time and little or no training. It also includes all of the features users enjoy in the M7220, including built-in terminal emulation clients for VT100/220, TN5250 and TN3270.

Clients who already use current AML batteries and charging equipment with the M7220 do not need to purchase new ones. The Triton uses the same 19.2 watt-hour battery as its predecessor and will work with the same charging accessories and spare batteries.

The Triton includes multiple interface options and can switch between a graphical-based menu system and a text-based menu system, depending on the user’s preference.

For more assistance finding and ordering the right Triton configuration for your needs, contact us at Barcodes Inc.

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