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AML Mobile Handheld Computer

AML uses only high-grade materials and precise production procedures in our manufacturing processes assuring consistent, high quality products that provide years of reliable service. AML products include wireless data collection terminals, CommandLink application design software, portable data terminals, Easy Assets software, LabelWorks barcode labeling software, cordless barcode scanning systems, and a broad selection of barcode decoders/readers.

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AML Mobile Handheld Computer AML Mobile Handheld Computer
AML Fixed/Vehicle Mount Data Terminal AML Fixed/Vehicle Mount Data Terminal

All AML Products

AML Scepter Mobile Handheld Computer

AML Scepter

The Scepter mobile computer, from AML, combines tried-and-true convention with the new and contemporary, resulting in the most versatile barcode-scanning mobile computer available today. Designed specifically for rugged environments, the Scepter...

$1,756.00 to $2,096.00

AML M7225 Mobile Handheld Computer

AML M7225

The AML M7225 is a richly featured, wireless handheld computer designed for use in retail, manufacturing, and warehouse data capture applications. Its industrial rating makes it durable enough for harsh or challenging environments, but it is...

AML KDT3 Terminal


The KDT3 represents the next generation in small form-factor, self-service kiosks from AML. With its powerful architecture, the KDT3 is capable of running full screen video, playing stereo audio, scanning barcodes, and displaying stunning images on...

AML LDX10 Mobile Handheld Computer


The LDX10 is the next generation of handheld computers from AML. Like all AML products, the LDX10 is engineered, manufactured, and serviced in the U.S.A. It is specifically targeted at light-duty commercial applications where acquisition cost is a...

$795.00 to $895.00

AML Monarch

AML Monarch

Combining the power of a desktop computer and the user experience of a tablet, the Monarch is the ideal built-for-purpose kiosk designed for retail, hospitality and commercial applications. While providing a powerful 1.4GHz processor, a 10.1" color...

$1,666.80 to $2,038.20

AML Phoenix Terminal

AML Phoenix

The Phoenix mini-kiosk, from AML, is a full-featured, general purpose mini kiosk with a wide variety of application possibilities in different vertical applications. In retail stores it becomes the perfect customer portal for price lookups, stock...

$790.00 to $1,388.20

AML TDX20 Wireless Computer with DC Suite Software

AML TDX20 Wireless Computer with DC Suite Software

The TDX20 is the next generation of wireless handheld computers from AML, engineered, manufactured, and serviced in the U.S.A. It's an exceptional tool for use in commercial applications where the convenience of wireless data communication is...

$995.00 to $1,095.00

AML Paladin

AML Paladin

AML's Paladin combines contemporary computing power with a rugged design to make it ideal for virtually any inside-the-four-walls vehicle mounted application. With a 9.7 inch screen that makes it an ideal size for maximum data presentation to the...

AML Service Contract

$30.00 to $775.00

AML Parts

Products and parts from AML.

AML M7225-B Mobile Handheld Computer

AML M7225-B

The M7225 Batch Mobile Computer is an ideal solution for tough environments where wireless data communications are not permissible. The M7225 is easily adaptable to virtually any environment from manufacturing, distribution, field service, or...

$1,195.70 to $1,580.00

AML Striker Enterprise Mobile Computer

AML Striker Enterprise Mobile Computer

AML's development of American-Made, Android-based mobile computers continues with the Striker Enterprise Mobile Computer. A smaller, more lightweight version of their popular Scepter mobile computer, the Striker delivers on affordability, durability...

$1,396.00 to $1,756.00

AML Monarch-PE Industrial Kiosk

AML Monarch-PE Industrial Kiosk

Powerful and housed in a stainless steel enclosure, AML's Monarch-PE Industrial Kiosk was designed to protect the device from abuse, dust and moisture. The stainless steel enclosure is impervious to virtually any cleaning solvent, in addition to the...

$2,316.80 to $2,409.60

AML UV-Locker

AML UV-Locker

The UV-Locker irradiates its contents with ultraviolet-C light (UVC), which is considered the germicidal range. Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) has been proven to kill bacteria and inactivate viruses. UV-Locker utilizes mercury-free,...

AML M2000 - Discontinued.

AML M7220 - Discontinued. Replaced by the AML Triton

AML M71V2 - Discontinued. Replaced by the AML Triton

AML Guardian - Discontinued.

AML M2500 - Discontinued.

AML M5900 - Discontinued.

AML M5900i - Discontinued.

AML M8050 - Discontinued.

AML KDT900 - Discontinued.

AML KDT750 - Discontinued. Replaced by the AML Monarch

AML MT7570 - Discontinued.

AML M100 - Discontinued.

AML M1000 - Discontinued.

AML M4000 - Discontinued.

AML M5000 - Discontinued.

AML M5500 - Discontinued.

AML M5510 - Discontinued.

AML M5520 - Discontinued.

AML M6000 - Discontinued.

AML M6200 - Discontinued.

AML M6210 - Discontinued.

AML M6300 - Discontinued.

AML M6310 - Discontinued.

AML M7100 - Discontinued. Replaced by the AML M71V2

AML M7140 - Discontinued.

AML M7170 - Discontinued.

AML Triton - Discontinued. Replaced by the AML Striker Enterprise Mobile Computer

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