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Posted July 27, 2015

hcHospitals have a myriad of very important moving pieces to keep track of on a daily basis. Keeping an accurate count of medicine, patients, files, lab equipment and specimens, to name a few, can be a daunting task for any medical facility. The good news is, Zebra provides many healthcare solutions to help simplify the tracking of critical hospital inventories. Below you will find solutions to the most common issues healthcare institutions face:

Admission: Hospital admissions staff welcome patients and gather important patient medical information. Recent advances in wristband printing allows for a patient to wear a wristband with a barcode. Simply scan the wristband with a healthcare scanner or mobile computer to obtain a patients records, in real time.

Patient Care: Real time updates of a patient’s medical records can dramatically increase services and care provided by a healthcare facility. Using healthcare scanning and mobile computing devices can help significantly cut down on errors.  Scheduling appointments, sending prescriptions and reviewing patient history, are only a few of the solutions available when using Zebra healthcare products.

Pharmacy: Pharmacies can utilize Zebra Healthcare inventory tracking products to manage patient’s medical needs and keep accurate inventory of available medicine.

Sample/Specimen Collection: Keeping accurate records of specimen collection, drop off, analysis and reporting is extremely critical to the patient care. Zebra healthcare solutions make it simple to ensure the correct sample/specimen is tied and reported to the correct patient.

Inventory Management: Having the proper inventory on hand to ensure patients are taken care of is mission critical for every healthcare facility. Knowing which products are in inventory and where they are located will make a healthcare facility run efficiently and cost effectively. The days of not knowing how much inventory is located in a stock room are long gone. Let Zebra solutions help make, managing inventory simple and easy.

For more information on how Barcodes, Inc. can enhance your healthcare inventory needs, give one of our experts a call to get a consultation for your facility.

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