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Posted June 3, 2015

For today’s highly connected retail shopper, having access to the same range of information they experience online is more and more expected even during the brick and mortar shopping experience. Smartphones may provide simple product lookups and pricing but more store functions can be easily expanded on with the right in-store technology. Just as they find in an online experience, being able to search product data and previous purchase history is another way to further empower customer satisfaction.

Whether it’s pulling up more detailed product information, stock levels and locations, or being able to access a gift registry and coupons/promotional items, customers desire to have access to your retail store both physically and electronically.

Expanding the customer experience really comes down to providing the right tools to your customers. Zebra’s line of Interactive Kiosks and robust Wireless LAN are the perfect additions  to any retail environment to provide customers the ability get product information or find an associate at the exact moment they want one.

Interactive Kiosks

By providing your customers and employees with immediate access to timely information, Interactive Kiosks help you reduce operational costs while empowering your customers with an “extended aisle,” gift registry, and self-checkout capabilities.

MK500 Micro Kiosk

This compact micro kiosk is ideal for basic customer self-service options, such as price check and basic digital advertising.

Motorola MK3100 Scanner

MK3100 Micro Kiosk

Take self-service to a new level with an affordable all-in-one multimedia micro kiosk with rich and intuitive interactive options.

MK4000 Kiosk

With the largest and highest resolution screen, this micro kiosk supports the richest multimedia applications for the ultimate experience in differentiated self-service.

CC5000 Customer Concierge

The CC5000 is a new kind of kiosk that allows you to create an electronic customer concierge capable of catering to your customers’ every self-service need.

Wireless LAN

Being able to support your customer’s wireless needs is key to making their online experience beneficial and convenient in your stores. Give shoppers the wireless experience they expect and associates the information they need with a fast, reliable, secure network.

AP 7532

Get blazing 802.11ac Wi-Fi speed and throughput to support all your users and applications — all at a low cost.

AP 7522

The versatile and ideal tool when building a multi-role, secure network.

Motorola AP 8232 Access Point

AP 8323

Support the performance demands of your busy network with dual radio 802.11ac with channel agility that maximizes performance to accommodate a wide range of client devices with mixed capabilities.

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