TSC Adds New TDP-324W Wristband and TDP-324 Label Desktop Printers

Posted June 6, 2014

2014-06-06_0917TSC has added two new high-resolution printers, the TDP-324W wristband printer and the TDP-324 desktop printer, to its growing line of direct-thermal desktop products.

TDP-324W Wristband Printer

The two-inch-format TDP-324W is engineered to print high-definition wristbands used for patient identification, entertainment ticketing and various government applications, including restricted-area access and visitor identification.

Standard features include a 300-dpi printhead, a large 6.5-inch-diameter media cabinet, and an easy-to-read LCD that displays printer status. The TDP-324W can be operated either as a standalone desktop or wall-mounted printer and supports USB 2.0 and Ethernet communications. It also features a USB-host port for connecting keyboards or scanners.

TSC consulted with many of the industry’s largest wristband manufacturers during the early development of the TDP-324W. Many of their recommendations were incorporated into its design. As a result, the printer offers customers maximum flexibility in the choice of wristband types, while supporting a wide variety of wristband-printing applications.

The TDP-324W can be optionally configured to print wristbands even if a computer network fails. In the event of an outage, operators can quickly configure a PC keyboard to enter wristband ID information, eliminating costly downtime.

Key features

  • Accommodates 6.5-inch OD wristbands
  • Front LCD display
  • High-quality double-wall clamshell design
  • Easy media loading
  • Standard Ethernet and USB 2.0 connectivity
  • Optional downtime keyboard interface
  • Across-the-board compatibility with most popular programming languages
  • Real-time clock (an expensive option on other small-footprint units)
  • USB host option
  • Adjustable sensor
  • “Out of the box” language emulation
  • Head-up sensor and top-of-form sensing
  • Flash card reader for easy font storage


Healthcare (The TDP-324W has earned a Cerner Medical Device Certification approving it for use in hospital environments)

Entertainment and Hospitality

  • Amusement parks
  • Water parks
  • Event admissions
  • Night club age verification

Government and Emergency

  • Law enforcement
  • Triage
  • Crowd control
  • Animal ID
  • Restricted-area access

TDP-324 Desktop Printer

The two-inch-format TDP-324 direct-thermal desktop printer features a high-performance engine and compact design that make it ideal for many healthcare, retail and asset labeling applications. The printer fits easily into cramped work spaces, a plus for many hospitals and retail outlets, and is designed with no losable parts.

Standard features include a 300-dpi high-resolution printhead, a simple-to-load clamshell design that holds label rolls up to 5 inches in diameter, and USB 2.0 and serial connections. The clamshell opening makes it easy for users to insert labels into the printer’s spring-loaded media bay. Top-of-form sensing by gap, black mark or notch is standard, and the black mark sensor is completely adjustable from side to side.

The TDP-324 is the first economical two-inch-format desktop printer to offer an optional LCD display for easy tracking of print job status. Other options include an internal Ethernet adapter for easy network integration, a USB-host interface, and a keyboard for printing labels in standalone mode or during network outages.

The TDP-324 supports standard industry emulations, including Eltron and Zebra languages.

Key features

  • High-quality double-wall clamshell design
  • 5-inch OD media capacity
  • Up to 102 mm (4″) per second print speed
  • Easy media loading
  • Head-open sensor
  • microSD flash memory expansion up to 4 GB
  • Serial and USB 2.0 connectivity
  • Optional front LCD display, internal Ethernet, peel-off module, cutter module, Bluetooth module, external 802.11 b/g/n wireless module and standalone keyboard


  • Healthcare patient tracking
  • Lab sample tracking
  • Information labels
  • Medical records labeling
  • Asset management
  • Jewelry identification and pricing
  • Work-in-process tracking
  • Dietary labeling
  • Price labeling
  • Inventory and asset management
  • Small office or home office mailing
  • Shipping
  • File-folder labeling

For more information or to pre-order either of the new TSC printers, contact us at Barcodes Inc.

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