The New CL-S6621 6″ Wide Thermal Transfer Printer From Citizen

Posted July 17, 2013

For over four decades, Citizen products have set the standard for performance, reliability and value among customers and continue to do so with the introduction of the new CL-S6621.

A unique thermal transfer printer with a super desktop-sized footprint and a 6-inch wide print capability, the CL-S6621 is truly innovative and full of incremental business value!

Flexible in usage and robustly designed, the CL-S6621 adopts the proven attributes of the 4-inch wide CL-S621 desktop printer with the added 6-inch print capability!

Full of options, value and quality, the CL-S6621 is ready to expand your printing solutions!

“Fulfilling our promise of continuing to offer value to our users and growth through product expansion for our partners, has been a large focus for Citizen” said Vic Barczyk, Executive Vice President for Citizen Systems America. “Our new desktop products meet common uses in the thermal printing space today, and our unique 6-inch wide printer offers the ability to expand those common uses even further”.

For more details or to order a CL-S6621, contact us at Barcodes Inc.

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