Posted February 5, 2014

2014-02-05_1059TEKLYNX has announced the launch of LABELVIEW 2014 and CODESOFT 2014, the newest versions of these label design applications. Both upgrades offer seamless integration with the Windows 8.1 operating system, allowing users to quickly design and print labels on a reliable platform, and include support for new GS1 standard QR codes. These versions are available for purchase today.

LABELVIEW 2014 is the newest iteration of TEKLYNX’ mid-level barcode label design application, created for users with moderately complex needs and the potential for future growth. This version offers:

  • Enhanced Print Dialog Functionality – The print window stays open after the print job is complete, saving valuable time by enabling users to create subsequent print jobs without reopening the window.
  • Improved Network Licensing Tolerance – LABELVIEW 2014 responds to network instability by proactively lengthening run time instead of disconnecting. This prevents a loss of productivity by enabling users to continue working within the system during network outages or downtime.
  • Multi-User Form Designer – LABELVIEW Form Designer functionality is now available in the Gold Network version of the software. Form Designer allows users to quickly and easily create data entry and printing forms to streamline operations and reduce errors by automatically populating critical information.
  • Superior Error Detection – LABELVIEW 2014 can halt print jobs when a variable image file is missing, saving time and money on wasted label stock.

CODESOFT 2014 offers all of the enhancements listed above, and also includes several distinct features that specifically support enterprise organizations with more complex labeling needs. This upgrade offers robust design features, barcode support, automation and security functionality, along with:

  • Simplified Data Positioning – The new GridField feature allows users to structure reports using grid cells rather than coordinate positioning of field data, which reduces the amount of time users must spend on configuration.
  • Versatile Visual Basic (VB) Script – Newly-added VBScript allows users to define triggers for virtually any event, which allows users to configure the software to support the intricacies of their internal processes. VBScript also supports enhanced text formatting within label designs, enabling organizations to create specific label formats that align with industry and government regulations.
  • Full Integration with Enterprise Label Management Solutions – CODESOFT is fully compatible with LABEL ARCHIVE for label traceability and SENTINEL for print automation, and provides a gateway to TEKLYNX CENTRAL 4.0, a fully centralized and automated labeling solution.

“LABELVIEW 2014 and CODESOFT 2014 contain numerous features that were developed in direct response to end user feedback and intensive industry research,” said David Kane, TEKLYNX Product Manager. “Our team is dedicated to building on our proven technology to support businesses at every stage, and creating adaptable solutions to grow with their organizations.”

TEKLYNX barcode label design software is designed to grow with your business, and the simple upgrade process retains all existing label files and templates. Label converters are available in both LABELVIEW 2014 and CODESOFT 2014, enabling users to effortlessly transition their existing label templates from one TEKLYNX solution to another as their organization expands and their labeling needs become more complex.

TEKLYNX’ alternative licensing option includes upgrades and technical support at no additional cost to further support the ease of transitions. Their top-notch professional services team offers guidance throughout the upgrade process and works directly with clients and resellers to determine the ideal solution for each organization.

“The subscription licensing option allows our end users to keep pace with software releases as a result of evolving technology requirements, at a lower upfront cost,” said Laura Henderson, General Manager of TEKLYNX. “By updating our best-in-class applications on an annual basis, we are able to stay ahead of key trends and regulations while responding to end user and partner feedback – and hold our position as industry leaders.”

For more information or to order the new LABELVIEW or CODESOFT applications, contact us at Barcodes Inc.

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