TEKLYNX Implements First Subscription Licensing Program in Barcode Software, Label Design Industry

Posted December 17, 2012

New business model saves money, increases flexibility for users and resellers

TEKLYNX, a worldwide leader in the barcode and labeling software industry, has launched a new subscription licensing program applicable with all its products. This change highlights TEKLYNX as the only barcode label design company to offer this option to clients and resellers.

The new subscription licensing option benefits a variety of end users, whose label design needs often range from stand-alone applications to complex programs. Lower upfront costs, maintenance agreements included, and optional upgrades are all staples of this new program geared to directly impact the end user’s bottom line. There’s no need to purchase an additional Software Maintenance Agreement, and resellers are saved the hassle of dealing with the potentially complex process of SMA renewals. In turn, long term relationships between businesses and clients grow, and customers get the best possible buying experience.

“TEKLYNX provides the best label design software in the industry and now we’re the only provider to offer this cost-effective and convenient option,” said Laura Henderson, TEKLYNX Managing Director. “Subscription licensing offers our customers a choice, so that every business can select the option that’s right for them. It is truly a competitive differentiator and will help us and our value-added resellers build long-term relationships with our end users.”

TEKLYNX’ subscription licensing offers flexibility that goes beyond a traditional software license, which often requires long term commitments. Guaranteed technical support is included, and upgrades to the latest versions of LABELVIEW, LABEL MATRIX, and CODESOFT are made readily available. With this new structure, companies that need label design or barcode software for a short period of time, or at a temporary location, can purchase a TEKLYNX product for a year at a reduced cost. For long term users, the renewal process is quick and easy to complete, eliminating unnecessary downtime.

TEKLYNX consistently strives to go above and beyond expectations for basic software development. They create solutions to help businesses streamline operating and increase efficiency, saving them time and money that is better served in other, more important initiatives. Their commitment to building partnerships and cultivating relationships makes TEKLYNX not just a software vendor, but a partner invested in solving business challenges.

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