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Secure Your Business with the Ultimate Guide to Mobile Device Management

Posted June 21, 2023

Are you struggling to manage your company’s mobile devices? Are you worried about security breaches, data loss, or compliance issues? Do you want to improve your employees’ productivity and satisfaction while reducing IT costs and headaches?

Learn how to protect your company’s data, increase productivity, and simplify device management with a new comprehensive guide by 42Gears.

The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Device Management covers everything you need to know about mobile device management, from the basics of device enrollment and configuration to advanced features such as app management, content filtering, and remote troubleshooting.

In this guide, you will gain answers to the following questions:

  • What is mobile device management and why it’s essential for modern businesses?
  • What can an MDM solution manage?
  • What is Device Lifecycle Management?
  • What can an MDM solution do and how does MDM work?
  • What are the options available for deploying an MDM solution?
  • How do you choose the best MDM solution for your needs?

You will gain access to valuable insights and tools that can help you streamline your IT operations, protect your business assets, and empower your employees.

What is Blockchain Technology?

Posted May 20, 2019

Blockchain technology is a digital record-keeping mechanism that makes it easier and safer for businesses with supply chain operations to work together over a shared network. In supply chains, blockchain can document a transaction every time a product or asset changes hands. From the product being made at a manufacturing plant to being picked off the shelf in the warehouse to being delivered to a retail location to ultimately being purchased by the customer. Each chain of events can be documented for traceability, accountability, security, and documentation that leads to enhanced operational efficiencies in the work force.

Revolutionize your supply chain with block chain technology, in this blockchain technology white paper we will answer some of the common questions below.

What is blockchain technology? 

How blockchain technology work?

What are the benefits of blockchain technology in the supply chain?

What are the current challenges of blockchain technology in the supply chain? 

How can Barcodes and Zebra help you with blockchain technology in the supply chain?

Improve operational efficiencies in your supplychain with blockchain technology for increased visibility and efficiency in your workforce.

Contact Barcodes if you are seeking in ways to improve your supply chain operation. Our team has extensive experience across manufacturing, distribution, transportation, retail, healthcare, government industries to find the best solution that will provide the best value for you.