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Redefine Ultra-Rugged Scanning with Honeywell’s Granit XP 199Xi Series

Posted June 30, 2021

Honeywell’s Granit XP scanners expand capabilities and redefine ultra-rugged scanning. Engineered to persevere after the impact of 10-foot drops and 3.3 foot tumbles from loading docks, fork trucks, and picking trucks, the Granit XP scanners deliver indestructible durability. The scanners embody best-in-class 7,000 tumble specification and IP67 sealing which ensures Granit XP scanners will be ready to work for the long term.

Barcodes boost efficiency in the world of data entry, maximizing productivity in your operations. However, damaged and low quality barcodes can slow down transactions. Due to low quality printing or damage during handling in the warehouse/DC and industrial space, bad labels commonly occur. Built on Honeywell’s next generation imaging platforms, Granit XP ensures that otherwise challenging labels do not hinder your process. The Granit XP models offer high-durability, extreme performance scanning for standard range operations. Created for applications where high speed scanning is needed to maximize productivity, and where durability is non-negotiable for low total cost of ownership, the Granit XP scanners offers the optimal solution.

Features & Benefits:

  • Built to survive harsh treatment including 3 m (10 ft) drops, 7,000 1 m (3.3 ft) tumbles, operating temperatures from -30°C to 50°C (-22°F to 122°F) and IP67 sealing
  • Granit provides extreme performance scanning, even on damaged and low-quality barcodes.
  • Honeywell Operational Intelligence software delivers on-demand scan insights, enabling higher employee productivity and throughput.
  • The Honeywell Scanner Management Utility (SMU) creates a holistic solution that automates how you deploy and update the scanners in your environment.

The Granit XP family of scanners have scanning solutions that cater to varying needs. Due to a one-megapixel sensor, 800mhz processer and improved firmware, the Granit XP 199Xi SR provides superior barcode reading performance. Inversely, with FlexRange imaging technology, you can expect ultra-fast scanning from the Granit XP 199Xi XR in tasks requiring barcode scanning from contact to 33 feet. Whether you need standard range or extended range, wired or wireless, Honeywell’s Granit XP scanners will exceed all of your scanning expectations.

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Zebra’s LI36X8-ER: An Unstoppable Performer for Extended Range 1D Barcode Scanning

Posted May 11, 2018

li3608-2The latest models in Zebra’s 3600 Series Ultra-Rugged Scanners are here. The corded LI3608-ER and cordless LI3678-ER share the same characteristics that made the 3600 series so popular: an ultra-rugged design, superior performance, and unrivaled manageability. Designed for multiple environments including indoor, outdoor, and even freezer use.

The cordless LI3678-ER gives users the freedom to move around as needed. With Bluetooth 4.0, users will get maximum communication speeds with maximum energy.  Zebra’s Wi-Fi Friendly mode helps eliminate wireless interference in your Wi-Fi network. A charge gauge makes it easy for users to monitor the batteries power. The battery allows 100,000 scans per charge thanks to Zebra’s PowerPrecision+ which offers 50,000 more scans per charge than competitive models.

Zebra has gone above and beyond with these two rugged scanners; with a linear imager that delivers fast capture speeds of all 1D barcodes displayed on a screen or printed on a label. These two scanners are unique as the only models in its class that offers an 8 foot (2.4 meter) drop to concrete and a submersible IP67 sealing. The Extended Rage capability allows users to scan barcodes from as close as 2 inches (5.1 cm) to as far as 56 feet (17.1 meters) away.

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Deck the Warehouse with Zebra’s Ultra Rugged Scanners

Posted December 8, 2017

LI3608LI3678 Ultra-Rugged Scanner - Google Chrome_2017-12-08_16-23-43As the holiday season falls upon us, order fulfillment gets a bit more demanding in warehouses. So when scanning gets tough, you need a scanner that’s tougher. A scanner that can withstand all the harsh environments and deliver unstoppable performance. The Zebra 3600 Series Ultra Rugged Scanners are made for the world’s toughest environments. Best used in warehouse management and manufacturing industries, the Zebra 3600 series has a model to meet your needs. It is dust, dirt, waterproof, and is able to withstand an 8 feet drop to cement. Superior scanning performance for you to scan thousands of barcodes to ensure product quality. Minimize down time and maximize productivity is just what you need every day at your warehouse.


3600 series
Ultra Rugged
Barcode Scanners
LI3608/LI3678 Advanced
1D Barcode
Capture DS3608-SR/ DS3678-SR
Standard 1D/ 2D Standard Range
Barcode Capture DS3608-HP/DS3678-HP
Superior Capture
of Barcodes, photos DS3608-HD/DS3678-HD– High
Density Barcode Capture
DS3608-DP/DS3678-DP Direct Part Marks and Barcodes


  • Capture any barcode in any condition
  • Capture up to 20 barcodes with a single trigger
  • Superior pick list functionality
  • Bluetooth 4.0 for lightning fast data capture
  • Battery power up to 70,000 scans or more
  • Deploy Bluetooth with zero Wi-Fi network interference
  • Battery Charge Gauge