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Maximizing Return on Investment When Purchasing Forklift Mount Technology

Posted June 23, 2021

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Keeping up with and knowing how to best leverage both the latest forklift technology with the best docking and mounting solution in today’s Material Handling and Distribution industry is at the core of maximizing a profitable operation.  Prioritizing the importance of return on investment (ROI) as a key deliverable in a technology/docking/mounting purchase decision is critical in balancing today’s cost with its’ future value or ROI.  Understanding first how to calculate labor productivity and then reviewing 4 important advantages that improve productivity will ultimately improve the bottom line.  They are:

  1. Increased Capabilities and Performance
  2. Increased Flexibility
  3. Improved Technology Safety and Performance
  4. Improved Overall Productivity

It starts with calculating your current process labor productivity using the mathematic calculation detailed here:

Labor Productivity

Once labor productivity is identified, researching both the best technology options available with the best docking and mounting solution that allows improved labor times is the next step and where Barcodes, Inc. adds immense value.  As a full-service technology provider, Barcodes, Inc.’s core competency is delivering convenient, complete and effective solutions.

This is accomplished by understanding individual needs and making recommendations based on delivering on these four advantages that result from improved technology/docking/mounting solutions.  

Increased Capabilities and Performance – The number one driver in your decision to initially purchase or upgrade your current technology/docking/mounting configuration is understanding not just the technology benefits, but the benefits of your docking and mounting solution.  This is as critical a component as the technology itself. Gamber-Johnson, one of Barcodes, Inc. long time technology docking and mounting manufacturing partners, offers commercially designed, rugged, reliable, and responsive solutions specifically for Material Handling duty cycles. It is this combination that fully maximizes the results of increased capabilities and performances.

Increased Flexibility Improving user flexibility through unique design features and capabilities of technology/docking/mounting solutions is also a key driver to improved ROI. Offering you a choice of a standard mounting solution or designing a personalized mounting solution (if required minimum order quantities are met) is something Barcodes, Inc. representatives and Gamber-Johnson offers. Working together, we can design, test, and build a custom docking/mounting solution that can greatly enhance the flexibility you need to improve productivity while providing you a simple, convenient purchasing and install process saving you precious time. 

Increased Technology Safety – Protecting technology when installed in the dock and mount is critical.  Primary vibration passing through a forklift when encountering an uneven surface is magnified immensely and directly affects a docking/mounting combinations ability to absorb severe vibration without failure.  Why a rugged, reliable, responsive design to meet the harsh criteria of a typical material handling duty cycle is critical, especially when making a long-term purchasing decision.  To maximize productivity and ultimately ROI, dock/mount failure is not an option.

Proving Overall Productivity – Real-time testing of the best identified technology/docking/mounting combination and comparing the improved process timing using it to original labor productivity data captured quantifies time savings and ROI increases.  Multiplying that number into the future cements payback time and the residual incremental profit thereafter completing the improved ROI exercise. It all starts by simply contacting your local Barcodes, Inc. representative to understand, develop and ultimately provide you with the complete turnkey solution to your team’s specific needs and requirements to maximize ROI and deliver incremental revenue. Contact Barcodes, Inc. for a free consultation today.