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Scan Barcodes 65 Feet Away with the Skorpio X5 XLR

Posted September 21, 2023

For extreme long-range barcode reading capabilities, look no further than the Datalogic Skorpio X5 XLR, a state-of-the-art mobile computer. This extraordinary device features the most extensive scanning distances available on the market in addition to a high-performing scan engine.

The Skorpio X5 XLR establishes a new standard for mobile computing with the ability to swiftly scan barcodes from close range and at great distances. It excels at tackling even the most challenging enterprise duties.

A Variety of Long-Range Imaging Options

The Skorpio X5 provides a variety of imaging options, such as the Linear Imager, Standard 2D Imager, Mid-Range Imager, and the exceptional 2D near-far Extra-long Range (XLR) scanner. The innovative Extra-Long-Range imager is ideally adapted for applications in which a single device must read barcodes at varying distances, up to a remarkable 20 meters (or 65 feet).

Skorpio XLR: An Indispensible Productivity Aid in Demanding Environments

The Skorpio XLR features a user-friendly aimer, exceptional data capture speed, and the unique ability to decipher barcodes through forklift windscreens, shrink wrap film, as well as dirty, damaged, and/or poorly printed barcodes.

Big, Bright 4.3 Inch Display: The largest and brightest on the market for mobile computers, assuring maximum readability while running applications with advanced functionality.

Designed for Long Shifts: Includes hot-swappable battery technology, adjustable battery management settings, and Datalogic’s industry-first wireless charging system ensure a reliable, contactless charge. In addition, the Datalogic Smart Battery interface makes it easy to monitor the battery’s status.

Unparalleled Computational Power: With the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600® platform’s market-leading 2.2 GHz CPU, multitasking is effortless

Simple, Secure, and Android™ 10 Ready: The Skorpio X5 XLR guarantees an unmatched user experience, stability, simplicity of use, and security through the updated Android™ 10 operating system. The addition of the GMS (Google Mobile Services) suite makes the mobile computer seamless for users who are accustomed to Android applications.

Rugged Yet Comfortable: The Skorpio X5 XLR is lightweight, ergonomic, comfortable to hold, and precisely balanced for extended use without fatigue. The new XLR models offer three different keyboard configurations to accommodate specific operational requirements.

The Skorpio X5 XLR is a completely rugged device that can withstand harsh conditions. It can withstand multiple impacts of up to 1.8 meters (6 feet) onto concrete, is dust-tight, and has an IP65 rating for protection against waterjets. As a validated “Android Enterprise Recommended” rugged device, the XLR scanner meets Google’s stringent requirements for enterprise hardware, software, and support.

For a detailed list of capabilities, download the Skorpio X5 XLR spec sheet.

See How the Skorpio X5 XLR Performs Under Pressure

Extended Range Scanning, No Matter the Industry or Application

Wherever you need long-range, rapid, and Android-ready scanning, the Skorpio X5 XLR is an impressive mobile computer that can handle virtually any challenge you encounter. Price checks, inventory, order fulfillment, receiving, putaway, replenishment, forklift operations, quality control, returns, and many more use cases are possible with Datalogic’s latest.

Contact us today to see where the Skorpio X5 might be a great fit for a mobile computer upgrade in your future.

Honeywell’s New Granite 1280i Industrial-Grade Barcode Scanner

Posted March 18, 2014

Honeywell has announced ts latest innovations for the distribution center with  a best-in-class industrial-grade full range laser barcode scanner at MODEX 2014 in Atlanta.The Granit 1280iFR scanner joins Honeywell’s broad portfolio of scanning solutions for warehouse workers and offers the ability to easily read barcodes from short and long distances, improving worker productivity in the distribution center and cold storage environments.

As the newest member of Honeywell’s industrial scanner portfolio, the Granit 1280iFR is designed to excel in the most demanding mission critical environments where accuracy and durability are imperative. To improve worker efficiency, the Granit 1280iFR features the ability to read 100 mil retro-reflective labels from as far away as 54 feet (16.5 m) and 7.5 mil codes as close as 3.5 inches (8.9 cm). Designed to survive the harshest environments, the scanner offers unparalleled durability by sustaining more than 5,000 1m tumbles and 50 drops from 2m to concrete. The Granit 1280iFR is designed for continuous operation at temperatures of -30 degrees C and with the new industrial cable that can survive more than 300,000 cable bends at a 90 degree angle at -30 degrees C, making it the industry’s best full-range scanner for cold storage environments.

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The Next Generation Warehouse : Long Range Scanning and the Emergence of 2D Barcodes

Posted June 14, 2012


Today’s warehouses are rapidly evolving as they seek to keep up with a variety of new requirements and advancements in technology. Processes traditionally using 1-dimensional bar codes are becoming more accurate, more efficient, and more robust through the transition to 2D symbologies. Offering superior data storage capability yet compact in size, these 2D symbols are ideal for cradle-to-grave tracking of products and serialization. As imaging technology progresses, businesses are poised to take advantage of the benefits of implementing 2D while continuing to accommodate the long range scanning requirements typical in the warehouse environment.

Driving this transition is the growing need to track individual parts from assembly to shipment and beyond for information and traceability purposes, largely imposed by company-specific or legislative requirements. A 2D bar code can accommodate significantly more information than its 1d counterpart, and in a fraction of the space, making such traceability possible.

Historically, laser scanners have been the preferred technology in warehousing because of their speed, accuracy, and ability to read at long range. however, as 2D bar codes become more common and imaging technology matures, manufacturers are now discovering what imagers have to offer in terms of flexibility, traceability, and legislative standards compliance.

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