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Honeywell’s CT40 Wearable Computer A Multi-Purpose Hands-Free Solution

Posted August 26, 2020

Increase worker productivity and reduce labor costs by adding a wearable scanning solution to the CT40 Mobile Computers. Designed for small parts picking and packing in retail, the CT40 Wearable Mobile Computer provides maximum user comfort and can be easily swapped between users. The rubber watchband-style armbands stretch as the arm moves, all the while having a snug fit to prevent sliding down or spinning around the arm. All components have breakaway features for safety and can be used on either the left or right hand for operation. Built with rubber materials that do not absorb perspiration and can be easily cleaned between shifts.

Honeywell’s CT40 Mobile Computer was built on the future-proof Mobility Edge platform to allow you to test and validate applications once, accelerate deployments across your enterprise, optimize device performance, simplify maintenance, and extend the product’s life cycle. The CT40 is compatible with a broad range of Honeywell connected applications, third-party software and a comprehensive portfolio of accessories making the CT40 more than just a hardware device.

CT40 Wearable Solution Features:

  • Breakaway design for safety: all components are breakaway for safety and easily swappable for left or right hand operation.
  • Power Packed for all dat performance: 10+ hours battery life when connecting and using ring scanner, support using for a full shift.
  • Wearable scanning and computing ensure continual operation in stock back room, small parts picking, packing in retail, warehouse and T&L; reducing labor costs and increasing productivity by using hands-free operation.

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Increase Efficiency with Mobility Edge for Your Mobile Workforce

Posted April 25, 2019

It’s time to take control of your enterprise mobile devices. Welcome to Honeywell’s Mobility Edge Platform, where you can manage and optimize all your mobile devices in one application. Honeywell’s Mobility Edge is a hardware and software platform that drives agile business outcomes- faster, better, with less cost, and less risk.

Accelerate deployments, optimize business performance, extend lifecycle, and strengthen security in a unified mobile device platform with Mobility Edge.

Increase efficiency in retail, warehouse, field mobility, distribution, and transportation applications with these Honeywell mobile computers that are built on the Mobility Edge.

Honeywell Mobility Edge is a enterprise mobile device platform that can help you take control of your mobile workforce.

Honeywell's Dolphin CT40, CT60, CN80, CK65, Android mobile computers runs on the mobility edge platform to  optimize productivity and efficiency.