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How Enhanced Bedside Point-of-Care Combats Hospital Overcrowding

Posted July 14, 2020

Long before the COVID-19 outbreak, hospital overcrowding has been damaging quality care nationwide, resulting in higher risks of contagion, early staff burnout, and increasing mortality rates. With hospitals reaching bed capacity at alarming speed, the need for faster accurate patient processing has become more crucial than ever. By streamlining admission and discharge procedures, healthcare workers can spend more time providing accurate treatment, shortening the patient’s overall stay and opening up more space for new patients.

To preserve accuracy and patient safety, Barcodes, Inc. partners with Zebra Technologies to enhance bedside point-of-care. From maximized efficiency to increased visibility, see how a streamlined point-of-care solution elevates patient care.

What are the qualities of an enhanced bedside point-of-care solution?

Healthcare officials note three common bottlenecks within hospitals: long admission wait times, complex surgical scheduling, and inefficient discharge[1]. To eliminate these, our technicians simplify real time communication channels with a tailored point-of-care solution, designed with Zebra’s MC55X-HC. The result is:

  • Less data entry errors that could lead to medication errors
  • Easy access to patient information and profiles when needed
  • Secured file sharing and storage
  • Faster admission, discharge, and scheduling

To start elevating your point-of-care, contact us for a free assessment of your current workflow.

[1] Moore, L. Gordon. Hospital overcrowding: A complex but solvable problem. 3M Health Information Systems. May 10, 2019.