Star Micronics Announces 2010 Product Releases

Posted February 4, 2010

Star receipt printersStar Micronics just announced it will release multiple new printers in 2010, further extending its very diverse and highly acclaimed line of point of service printers. Throughout the first half of 2010, Star Micronics will introduce several printer solutions for the retail, hospitality, grocery, mobile and banking markets.

Intelligence gathered from end users on the daily challenges they face, played a significant role in the design and features of the new printers. As with all current printers, Star Micronics has focused on the compatibility with new operating systems, exceeding industry standards and supporting best of breed software applications for these new releases.

The world’s first and only ECO POS printer, which has been designed and manufactured with significant paper, packaging and power-saving features, will be on display at NRF in January.

Star will also display at NRF, and later release, a unique concept of point of service printer which focuses on helping customers regain counter space with multiple mounting options. The sophisticated versatility and design of this platform thermal printer will allow it to support users in multiple industries including hospitality, retail and banking. Once again Star has shown that there is no compromise between functionality, cost and innovation providing this printer with high speed performance, paper saving features as well as a new method of user and printer interaction.

Finally, Star will also release a series of printers to support the fast growing mobility industry. Star Micronics is dedicated to this ever growing customer base and will be providing them with a wide range of product offering for their various applications.

“Star Micronics is thrilled to continue to bring solutions to the channel that features the latest technology advancements, both for businesses and our environment,” said Michael Hanson, vice president, Star Micronics America. “Star Micronics takes its commitment to the environment and to our resellers very seriously. Our 2010 product launches will prove to be both economically and ecologically friendly.”

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