Seiko Qaliber Series Printers Now Qualified for CAP Software Retail POS

Posted June 16, 2014

Seiko Qaliber RP-E Series PrinterSeiko’s Qaliber RP-E and RP-D series receipt printers have been qualified as supported printers for the popular CAP POS software lines. With some of  the best performance specs in the industry, the Qaliber line of receipt printers are a reliable yet very affordable choice for even the most demanding POS environments.

CAP POS provides specialty retailers with a fast, efficient, customizable point-of-sale platform designed to accelerate transactions. CAP Software’s Cash ‘n Carry product is ideal for entry-level applications, while the SellWise Pro provides a more robust retail management suite for larger operations. Retailers in an array of segments rely on CAP products, including apparel, boutique, lawn & garden, hardware, liquor, jewelry, pool & spa, auto parts, and more.

“With a small footprint design, high performance, and proven reliability, Qaliber POS printers provide the right complement for CAP POS products.” – Will Atkinson, President, CAP Software.

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