RFID Tags Improve Efficiency For Paper Shipping Company

Posted August 2, 2010

Sunoco, a manufacturer of packaging products, recently invested in RFID technology to make shipment tracking more convenient for its customers.

Many of the Hartsville, South Carolina-based company’s clients are in the paper industry themselves; thus, having paper cores arrive that were RFID-ready will offer Sunoco and its customers a more efficient and effective inventory management system to keep track of their materials.

By using RFID tags, the company can have better oversight of their supply chain and reduce the number of products that get misplaced. This enables them to spend less time looking for supplies and more time manufacturing goods. In addition, having a more accurate account of its inventory will allow Sunoco to only purchase more supplies when their stocks run low, thus ensuring they are not overspending on unnecessary investments.

The tags are designed to be readable by hand-held devices through paper rolls of all sizes, and can be programmed with related information, such as paper quality, grade and texture.

Many warehouses and shipping companies have introduced RFID technology into their supply chains to increase visibility and efficiency. The leaner a supply chain, the faster it can transport products and make more profits.

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