Night Time Modes: Ensuring Patient Comfort with the Honeywell Xenon 1902h

Posted January 26, 2016

Adaptability is a necessity in healthcare. Every clinician has a wide variety of daily tasks and responsibilities to ensure quality patient care. As such, data collection tools need to be just as adaptable as their users. With the Xenon 1902h, such adaptability is not only possible, it is also easy to implement and change to support varied clinician workflows.

A typical standard scanner provides a loud, audible “beep” to indicate a “good read.” While this kind of operator feedback is widely understood, it can be highly disruptive in certain environments; say, during night time operations in an inpatient recovery ward. In these environments, maintaining patient comfort while keeping clinicians productive can be a challenge. That is why our Enhanced Xenon 1902h includes a quick-toggle mode we call Patient Do-Not-Disturb. In this mode, audible feedback is disabled and replaced by additional visual display options that provide positive status indication to the clinician—without disturbing resting patients. Select from multiple silent status indication options, including pulsing of the scanning aimer/imager and/or activation of the back-mounted status LEDs.

Fundamental to productive night time operations is providing good lighting conditions; but this can prove challenging in rooms with resting patients, where clinicians sometimes prefer not to turn on the overhead lights. In this scenario, the scanner can be toggled into Scan Lamp mode, providing just the right amount of targeted, white light to illuminate the work surface of a countertop or workstation-on-wheels (WoW) so that clinicians can read labels, verify medication, or enter data into a terminal. Scan Lamp mode is even more powerful when combined with an overhead mounting configuration on a WoW.

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