Motorola Introduces Their Next Generation FX7500 UHF RFID Reader

Posted January 13, 2014

Motorola has introduced its innovative FX7500 series of business-class UHF RFID fixed readers. Built from the ground up, our latest design includes a Motorola-designed RFID radio and Linux based network architecture that offers superior RFID performance with enhanced security, connectivity, and manageability features. The FX7500 reader enables enterprise customers to deploy cost-effective fully automated best-inclass EPC Gen2 RFID solutions.

The FX7500 is a symbol of Motorola’s innovative enterprise design, tailored to provide the best in RFID technology that adapts itself to the demands of dynamic application environments. Self-optimizing radio features automatically sense and optimize the reader operation enabling fast, reliable, and efficient reading of tags and delivering superior performance and throughput. The FX7500 RFID reader offers best-in-class read rates, exceptional sensitivity and superior noise rejection for reliable data capture even for the most demanding applications.

The FX7500 series of RFID readers replaces the FX7400 series of RFID readers while retaining its compact low-profile form-factor, ability to host applications and accessories compatibility. With its aesthetic design, Power over Ethernet (PoE), plenum rating and support for advanced new features, such as ability to connect to Wi-Fi and blue-tooth networks, the FX7500 delivers increased application and deployment flexibility enabling scalable cost-effective solutions for improved return on investment (ROI). Add the FX7500’s radio flexibility, dual stack IPv4/IPv6 configuration, enhanced security (including Transport Layer Security and FIPS- 140 support) and the industry’s best third-party application hosting capabilities with a Linux-based network architecture supporting 512MB flash/256MB RAM, and you have a powerful workhorse that is easily adaptable to multiple application environments – the ideal platform for your RFID solution.

The cost effective FX7500 RFID reader, with its superior adaptive performance and support of new enterprise grade security, connectivity, manageability and monitoring features, delivers increased application and deployment flexibility and sets a new industry standard for obtaining greater levels of inventory visibility and process efficiency. All this, delivered at a low cost of ownership while protecting your investment with advanced hardware and flexible radio software capabilities.

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