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Motorola RFID Reader

Motorola RFID Readers are amongst the market leaders in passive handheld and fixed RFID technology. Motorola RFID is prevalent in manufacturing, retail, warehouse, and government verticals, where they are used for asset tracking, inventory, work-in-process, and security applications. A Motorola RFID Reader can be offered in an array of form factors, such as handheld, fixed, USB, and snap-on (Windows-compatible and Multi-OS-compatible). Additionally, some of the Motorola RFID handheld readers have the capability to read 1D and 2D barcodes. Call one of our Motorola RFID experts to get a free consultation or quantity discount on one of our Motorola RFID Readers or to demo our RFID software.

Motorola FX9500 RFID Reader

Motorola FX9500

Your business relies on tracking your valuable assets and moving your sellable products. The faster you can receive, inventory, pick and ship items without errors and without bottlenecks, the more efficient and profitable your operation can be. The...

Motorola FX7500 RFID Reader

Motorola FX7500

For large scale global deployments, the FX7500 helps reduce costs by conforming out-of-the-box with major worldwide RFID standards and interfaces, including FCC and ETSI EN 302 208, LLRP and Reader Management. IPv6, FIPS and TLS compliance help...