Mobile Label Printing for Shipment Processing

Posted June 19, 2015

Star SM-T400i PrinterThe transition to a mobile experience in retail and consumer-focused applications has ushered in a range of new hardware to support these new demands. Even though the focus has been towards retail environments, manufacturing and warehouse facilities have been finding ways to improve efficiency with these new mobile technologies.

Shipping/receiving and inventory are two applications that have taken advantage of the wide range of mobile printers currently available to improve performance and accuracy. In a warehouse environment, employees are constantly on-the-go and being able to print labels when an order is picked or stock is put away saves time from being tied to a fixed print station. With on-demand label printing, employees will have an increase in efficiency and better control of production.

Finding the right mobile printer can be a key asset in improving performance in your warehouse or inventory stock room. Star’s label option for the SM-T400i rugged 4″ portable Bluetooth printer is a perfect solution for printing on-the-go. With support for iOS, Android and Windows operating systems, the portable receipt and label printer is also Apple MFi certified, which can be used with the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. Created with a rugged design and 4″ wide print capabilities, the SM-T400i is perfect for outdoor applications, field service, retail, and warehouse operations.

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