Star Receipt Printers an Great Match for LOCFOOD Point of Sale Software

Posted May 6, 2014

LOCFOOD is a modern point of sale (POS) software designed to connect consumers and merchants. Combining the functionality of POS and online ordering, the sleek, multi-purpose solution allows establishments in the hospitality industry to improve order accuracy, increase order turnover and streamline food preparation.

Using LOCFOOD’s solution – which has been developed for web, iOS and Android – customers can browse menus and restaurant information, place their order electronically and be notified when it is ready for pick-up.

The problem

When LOCFOOD began working with restaurant owners, they explained that because their tabled-based POS solution lacked a printer, it would be greener, eliminate paper waste and reduce printing costs. However, merchants explained that it is actually more practical for them to use a POS printer. They expressed their need to print order tickets to the kitchen and receipts to present to the customer. Restaurant owners explained that the kitchen area is too harsh an environment for tablets, as the device can easily come into contact with water, food and high temperatures.

“That’s when we realized that we needed to offer a POS printer to make our software solution more attractive to potential customers — and improve existing customers’ satisfaction — by meeting their printing needs,” said Vitruc Tran, CFO of LOCFOOD.

The solution

LOCFOOD enlisted Star to complete their POS software solution. “We reached out to several printer providers, and Star was the most responsive,” Tran said. “They were very proactive in forming our partnership. They not only provided us with necessary information about their wide range of printer models, but also sent demo printers for us to test and integrate with our software.”

When assessing LOCFOOD’s situation, Star considered several models based on what would work best with their wide range of clients, from fine dining restaurants to food trucks, and suggested they implement Bluetooth and Ethernet printer models. With both mobile and desktop options, each of LOCFOOD’s unique clients would be able to implement a solution that is ideal for their business, regardless of whether or not they have a Wi-Fi connection.

For LOCFOOD customers that require mobility and flexibility, such as food trucks, a wireless Bluetooth printer allows users make sales anywhere, anytime – and provide quality service by presenting receipts. Star’s printers also enhance the functionality of their software solution by allowing customers to integrate their cash drawer.

For LOCFOOD’s busier restaurant customers, an Ethernet printer attached to an access point will allow several servers to send orders to the printer at one time. This allows restaurants to expedite their service. LOCFOOD tested the Ethernet printer in their lab to ensure that restaurants could allow up to 20 servers to send orders to the printer simultaneously.

The result
Integrating Star’s printers allowed LOCFOOD to offer a complete POS ecosystem that assists both restaurateurs and customers, rather than just POS software. According to Tran, offering Bluetooth and Ethernet printing capabilities has made customers much more attracted to their solutions.

Although the integrated system is still in the pilot stage, businesses have been very responsive. Restaurants have been quick to implement it after seeing its capabilities. Instead of contaminating or harming their mobile devices with dirty hands, employees can use a solution that is not only more suited for a kitchen environment, but more efficient.

With a Star TSP100LAN thermal receipt printer, it takes less than three seconds to confirm an order and multiple orders can come in at the same time. Restaurants no longer have to waste time taking one phone order at a time, allowing them to servers to spend more time with customers and kitchen employees to speed up food preparation.

One restaurant – La Casa de los Alambres in Vista, California – completely replaced their existing POS system with LOCFOOD’s integrated solution. LOCFOOD was able to perform a same-day installation and provided proper training. The software was implemented on one full-sized Apple iPad, acting as a stationary POS, and two iPad minis, for waiters to take orders. These devices are connected to two of Star’s TSP100LAN printers – one to print order tickets in the kitchen and the other for receipts. Servers now take orders tableside and automatically send them to the kitchen printer. Kitchen employees are able to streamline the production of in-house, to-go and online orders.

“Restaurant owners love that they are able to integrate a great product from Star,” Tran said. “It allows them to be more efficient and precise in everything they do. Merchants also love this complete solution because it is ready to go. Our software automatically recognizes the printer for an easy integration, and the Star printers have an intuitive design for an easy install.”

Tran explained that, in general, the integrated mobile POS solution has allowed LOCFOOD’s restaurant customers to be more proactive with their service and more interactive with patrons. Because servers can take orders tableside and orders can be automatically printed, they can spend more time with customers – customers no longer have to flag a server down when they are in need. The solution allows servers to spend more time in the dining area, take more accurate orders, provide better customer service and eliminate unnecessary back-and-forth between the dining area and the kitchen.

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