KoamTac KDC350: IP65-rated Bluetooth Barcode Scanner For Smartphones and Tablets

Posted January 15, 2013

KoamTac announced the release of the KDC350, which features added durability and keypad convenience, the newest in the company’s line of innovative, programmable Bluetooth barcode scanners and card readers that are changing the way the world collects and stores information.

The KDC350 has an IP65-rated design that allows users to collect information in dusty and wet environments. The compact keypad adds convenience to data entry enhancements. NFC (Near Field Communication) and GPS options further enhance the traditional data collection applications.

The KDC350 also comes with an anti-microbial case, ideal for environments such as healthcare, as well as a switch to put it in vibrate mode, ideal for noisy environments.

“I’ve had many conversations over the last few years with leaders in various industries who gave me a wish list of their needs, so I designed the KDC350 based on their feedback.” said Dr. Hanjin Lee, KoamTac’s CEO and president.

“The KDC350 is the result of a natural evolution in the KDC series, combining the best features of the entire KDC line to date, but with new features that once again prove KoamTac’s position as an innovation leader in the barcode scanner and card reader industry.”

“We are pleased that the KDC350 will broaden the range of our products to meet the specific needs of industries that require added durability and keyboard functionality with their scanning needs,” said Dr. Lee. “At KoamTac, we are dedicated to providing smart accessories for smartphones and tablets to help companies save time and money and increase productivity.”

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