Introducing the Motorola Workabout Pro 4 Industrial Mobile Computer

Posted March 13, 2014

Choose a  mobile computer that can continually evolve to meet your ever-changing business needs — the Motorola Workabout Pro 4. Its impressive modularity lets you buy the features they need now, yet easily add practically any feature, right in their own facility. Start with Wi-Fi and add WWAN. Swap scan engines to support new types of bar codes. Swap end caps to add support for voice picking applications and just about any type of RFID tag. Add a high-resolution camera to document proof of delivery, just by swapping the back cover of the device.

A large portfolio of ready-to-use modules developed by our partners is available to meet the highly specialized needs of diverse vertical markets. Since this rugged device is built to handle all day use indoors and outside, you can put it in the hands of practically any type of worker in any type of business — from workers in dusty warehouse aisles to maintenance technicians and delivery drivers who spend their days in some of the most demanding weather conditions.

With their choice of a short and long model, plus an optional pistol grip that workers can attach when needed, you get the flexibility to choose the model that will bring the most comfort to the job. With the fastest wireless Wi-Fi and cellular connections — 802.11a/b/g/n and HSPA+ — your workers can count on the fastest speeds possible for superior application performance, no matter where they are. And since the Workabout brand has been serving businesses for over 20 years, they can choose the Workabout Pro 4 with the confidence that comes with well-proven field-tested technology. Every day, Workabout Pro mobile computers help all types of enterprises around the world improve workforce productivity and customer service. The Workabout Pro 4. The mobile computer with virtually limitless options, ready for any job.

For more information or to order a new Workabout Pro 4, contact us at Barcodes Inc.

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