Interactive Kiosk Solutions with Zebra’s CC5000

Posted March 24, 2015

From the self-checkout lane at the grocery store to being able to order anything from the convenience of your smartphone, more and more customers embrace and even expect kiosk-based self-service options in retail environments. The added speed and convenience kiosks provide is beneficial to customers and businesses alike while strengthening customer relationships and improving customer satisfaction.

While the grocery store self-checkout is the most visible kiosk solution today, kiosks are just as beneficial to other retail applications such as couponing, gift registry, and product/stock inquires. Beyond retail, kiosks have become commonplace in hospitality spheres for self-serve concierges, hotel check-in/check-out, loyalty programs, and event management/scheduling. Regardless of the environment, kiosk solutions are an efficient means to improve the customer experience while reducing the cost of operations.

Zebra’s CC5000 is an industry leading leading kiosk terminal designed with the flexibility to cater to your customers’ every self-service need in a truly interactive platform. Being built on Android 4.1, a large developer pool is available to help you build custom applications for a variety of verticals. With the CC5000 Software Development Kit (SDK), it’s easy to develop elegant and intuitive customized applications.

The CC5000 also offers an integrated enterprise-class bar code scanner, high-resolution 8 MP camera and the ability to integrate a full complement of third-party accessories, including payment card readers, to easily implement whatever data capture features your applications require. Paired with a kiosk printer like the KR203, you can quickly deploy an innovative, off-the-shelf, all-in-one kiosk solution.

Given today’s self-serve minded customers, kiosk solutions can be a crucial component in improving customer engagement and sales while reducing your bottom line.

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