High Performance RFID Unlocks Your Business Productivity and Profit

Posted January 27, 2014

2014-01-27_1011To compete effectively in today’s business environment, you need to be more responsive, more nimble and more efficient. To protect ever-thinner profit margins, you need more data, more accurate intelligence and more streamlined processes in less time using less money. Your supply chain is more global and complex, so you need more real-time, error-free inventory and tracking processes to maintain accountability and productivity.

Enterprises from retail to healthcare/pharmaceuticals are turning to automated RFID systems to gather the business-critical asset and tracking data they need to improve processes, productivity, and profitability. As the need grows for faster, more reliable data collection in hectic business environments, so does the demand for higher performance RFID hardware. Motorola is meeting that demand with a new standard in business-class RFID performance – the Motorola FX7500 Fixed RFID Reader.

The Demands Of Density And Dynamic Application Environments

RFID has proven its value and today is being implemented along nearly every link of the global supply chain. Now you have more opportunities than ever to take advantage of real-time, fully automated data capture that requires no line of sight and virtually no human intervention – and in so doing, make vast improvements in your organization’s efficiency and productivity.

But the growing uptake of RFID isn’t without challenges. Dense read environments create more deployment issues, more interference issues, and more accuracy issues. Every busy portal or moving palette of tagged products can present hundreds, even thousands, of data points to distinguish, capture and record within seconds. The faster and more reliably you can gather accurate data, the more quickly you can reach your strategic goals. That means you need RFID performance that can keep up with your pace of business.

Build Your RFID System Around A Best-in-Class Fixed Reader

Start with a fixed RFID reader that is expressly designed for today’s business environment. It works like a business machine, with software-based adaptive intelligence that automatically senses and optimizes reader operation to its environment. With its compact footprint and unobtrusive styling, it looks at home in any environment.

It performs reliably and consistently, with high sensitivity, superior interference rejection and echo cancellation, at all times in the most demanding real world situations. Finally, to protect your investment in RFID, your business-class fixed RFID reader must offer flexible, cost-effective deployment options and simple software-driven upgrades.

When you build your RFID solution around the right reader, you can keep track of the people and products that matter most to you – and save valuable time and money in the process. The reliable foundation for today’s demanding RFID solution is the Motorola FX7500 Fixed RFID Reader.

The Motorola FX7500 – A Solution That Works For Business

Regardless of the type of assets you use in your business, the FX7500 RFID Fixed Reader can help you automate and error proof your business processes, delivering a wealth of benefits to the enterprise:

  • More accurate inventory and tracking – near 100% accuracy and faster data acquisition gives you the information you need to manage more efficiently
  • Increased productivity – employees spend less time tracking down missing or misplaced equipment
  • Improved asset maintenance and assured adherence to critical and routine maintenance procedures such as calibration and compliance
  • Increased utilization – improvements in asset visibility and utilization reduce the need to purchase or lease spare parts and equipment
  • Reduced capital and operational costs – the reduction in the loss of assets reduces the need to purchase and manage additional asset

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