Frick Introduces Two New SmartMark RFID Tags with Exceptional Read Ranges

Posted April 14, 2014

smartmark-longrangeFrick expands its SmartMark product line with the addition of two new innovative RFID tag solutions. These economical passive UHF RFID tags offer exceptional read ranges for use in a variety of applications. Use with a standard RFID reader-no special equipment or battery-powered tags required.

The High-Performance Metal Mount RFID tag reads directly on metal surfaces from up to 20 feet away—great for tracking metal assets such as fleet trucks, forklifts and tractors, as well as IT equipment.

The Ultra Long Range RFID tag reads from a whopping 65 feet away, making it the ideal solution for tagging overhead assets such as pole-mounted transformers or cables.

Both tags are outdoor durable and offer excellent UV, water and chemical resistance. Easily customize with messaging, artwork and serial information. Multiple mounting configurations including adhesives and magnetic backing are also available.

For applications requiring specific read ranges, we can also customize the form, antenna, and materials to account for variables such as temperature, impact and abrasion, chemical/UV exposure, RFID reader and tag position in order to achieve your exact requirements. Contact us at Barcodes Inc for additional assistance.

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