Fast and Reliable Industrial Label Printing with the cab Squix

Posted August 18, 2020

What Are The Benefits of the cab Squix Industrial Label Printer?

The cab Squix industrial label printer has a compact design and is used in a wide range of applications, with a focus on easy, intuitive and high reliability. It is manufactured from high-quality materials and can come with many peripherals and software to enable customer-specific solutions. Check out what makes the cab Squix the industrial label printer the right one to deploy in your environment:

  • Reliable and fast printing – from 5.9” to 11.8” per second
  • Accurate print images – 203, 300 and 600 dpi options
  • Easy to operate – can print various widths with no adjustment
  • Compact design – 7.8” x 11.3” x 18.1” (W x H x D)
  • Maximum quality standards – prints the smallest labels in the market
  • Flexible – over 30 different accessories that can be added (cutters, rewinders, applicators, scanners, memory, etc.)
  • Connectivity – standard with USB, Serial, Ethernet, Wi-Fi plus offers 3 extra USB ports for peripherals
  • Data Protection – cabProtect is a standard feature that protects data being sent to printer

What Does the cab Squix Look Like?

  1. Hinged Cover: Material stock can be checked, and entire printing processes followed through a large panoramic window.
  2. Plungers: One is fixed on the inside. To get a good print image, the second one is moved to the outside margin of a label.
  3. Rugged Metal Chassis: Made of cast aluminum to assemble all the units.
  4. Coated Print Rollers: Synthetic rubber is a standard to get highly accurate print images. Silicone coating is an option for extra-long service life.
  5. Peel-off Function: To separate labels from the liner. A powered guide roller and a pinch roller enable highly accurate imprint and peel-off.
  6. Peripheral Port: To plug additional modules easily and quickly. They are screw fixed.
  7. Ribbon Holder: Ribbons are quick and easy to replace using three-part tightening axles.
  8. Roll Holder: Constant tension by means of the margin stop (spring-mounted, screw-capped) while material is fed.
  9. Internal Rewinder: To wind labels or liners with or without a cardboard core on peel-off devices. Materials are easy to handle using a three-part tightening axle.
  10. Rocker: Suspension and Teflon-made guide rollers reduce traction and improve the accuracy of print images.
  11. Material Guide: Assembled to the rocker. By a user turning the rotary knob, the stop moves to the margin of a label.
  12. Print Image Accuracy: The smaller a label, the higher are the demands. Using slip correction, print offset can be reduced by ±0.2 mm.

Where Does the cab Squix Industrial Label Printer Fit?

The cab Squix industrial label printer is used across a wide range of industrial applications. Some common uses cases include PCB Labeling, Type Plate Labeling, Cardboard Labeling and Pallet Labeling. While the cab Squix is best-in-class for printing small labels, it is also a go-to printer for printing of Odette, UCC and GS1 labels in the Transportation and Logistics` industry.

Contact us today for a free assessment and see if the cab Squix label printer is right for your operation.

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