Understanding Epson Endorsement, Slip, and Validation Printing

Posted September 10, 2013

2013-09-10_1033As a long standing POS printer manufacturer, Epson has provided some of the most capable and flexible printers in the market. The most common need at the POS for printing is usually a basic customer receipt, but handling things like checks, deposit slips, prescriptions, and returns will require a multi-functional printer like the TM-H600iv. These types of printers have multiple means to print on externally feed documents making them the perfect all-in-one solution for financial institutions, pharmacies, and general retail applications.

Understanding the differences between the 3 types of printing (Endorsement, Slip, and Validation) can be confusing at first but we’ve broken it down in these simple definitions and included diagram.

Endorsement : When a printer includes endorsement it means that the printer has a second impact printhead. This will allow the printer to print on both sides of the check (or other item inserted via the slip deck) at the same time (See image). Information regarding who the check is to be issued to and the amount to be paid could be printed on the front of the check by the slip print head at the same time the endorsement printhead prints the deposit information on the back of the check.

Slip : A slip print capabil printer means a document can be inserted for printing via the slip deck (See image). With a check, it would be possible for the user to print the front of the check, remove the check, flip it over, insert the check for the second time, then print on the back of the check. If the printer has a slip deck and endorsement, then the check would only need to be handled once. However, any document
up to 3″ wide could still be printed using the slip deck.

Validation : When a printer supports validation, this means that a document (most likely a check) is dropped in from the top. This does not mean that a document has been inserted via the slip deck. Validation and Endorsement are not the same.

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