Datamax-O’Neil Introduces the NETira Software Suite of Printer Tools

Posted October 5, 2012

Unlock the power of your printers with the NETira suite of software tools designed to expand and enhance the performance of your Datamax-O’Neil printers. NETira offers users the ability to set-up your printer, design custom labels or manage an entire network of printers with the touch of a few buttons. NETira reduces setup time and provides the tools to effectively utilize all of your printer’s capabilities.

Thoroughly tested and certified by Datamax-O’Neil technicians, NETira provides users with easy-to-use software that presents a consistent look and feel for navigation. Whether it’s a single printer or part of a networked environment, NETira applications reduce setup time and provide users with the tools to effectively utilize all of their printers’ capabilities. The NETira suite includes:

NETira Configuration Tool
• Minimize your printer setup time
• Easy to use single menu screen
• Save a configuration and quickly apply to additional printers

NETira Label Designer Tool
• Out of box plug and print label designer
• Save label design for multiple recall
• Store images in an easy-to-access folder

NETira Remote Manager
• Monitor all Datamax-O’Neil printers on your enterprise network
• Reduce downtime with real time visual alerts
• Quick printer status notifications via email/text

You can find more information and downloads for NETira here.

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