Datalogic Magellan 3200VSi High Performance Omni-directional Barcode Scanner

Posted July 16, 2010

Datalogic Magellan 3200VSiThe World’s First Single Plane Scanner Powered by Imaging Technology

As the newest member of the industry leading Magellan bar code readers, this revolutionary scanner will expand existing point-of-sale (POS) capabilities for retailers by combining the performance of laser barcode scanners with the ability to read two-dimensional (2-D) bar code symbologies.

The Magellan 3200VSi scanner uses new imaging technology and software developed by Datalogic Scanning to increase scanning performance on hard-to-read bar codes. This scanner also features high performance sweep capability with omni-directional reading to further enhance the productivity of cashiers. By improving first pass read rates, the Magellan 3200VSi scanner yields a performance gain for the retailer’s check-out by ensuring faster and better customer service, while increasing operational efficiency. Additionally, the ability to scan the most popular 2-D bar codes gives the retailer the capability to support emerging applications like bar code-based mobile marketing, which requires the inclusion of more data in smaller spaces.

Perhaps the most important feature is the ability of the Magellan 3200VSi scanner to upgrade software in order to add additional capabilities after installation, such as 2-D scanning. The ability to add enhanced capabilities after installation protects the retailer’s initial investment and extends the life of the scanner. These enhancements or changes to the Magellan 3200VSi scanner can be accomplished by Host Download, direct PC connection or via Micro-SD card.

The Magellan 3200VSi scanner inherits the Magellan family’s renowned reliability and quality. Since this scanner is based on new imaging technology, there are absolutely no moving parts that are found in laser scanners, such as motors and spinning mirrors. The Magellan 3200VSi scanner’s solid-state design increases the mean time between failures (MTBF), which results in considerable cost savings for retailers.

Tailored for medium to high volume scanning POS applications, the compact-sized Magellan 3200VSi scanner is particularly effective in smaller check out lanes where there is no requirement for integrated weighing. These primary markets include:

  • Drug Stores
  • Convenience Stores
  • Grocery Stores
  • Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Stores
  • Pharmacies
  • Specialty Retail Stores

“We have a new high performance product that significantly improves the ability to read difficult bar codes that are found in the retail environment, has the option of additional features such as 2D scanning, is able to perform image capture, has the ability to read bar codes from cell phones, and is extremely reliable. This is why the Magellan 3200VSi imaging-based scanner is truly revolutionary”, stated Matt Schler, General Manager of Fixed Scanning at Datalogic Scanning. “We are pleased to be the first scanning company to combine the benefits of both imaging and high volume laser technology in one scanner for our customers.”

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