Common Accessories for your iPad POS System

Posted August 25, 2014

One of the most common appeals of an iPad based POS system is the reduced cost and space involved. Keeping focused on functional necessity ultimately makes for a more streamlined and efficient tool for your business. That said, there are some accessories that are still essential to ensure you have the most functional POS system to meet your daily business needs.

iPad Stand

It may not seem necessary at first but having a proper stand for the iPad helps provide a fixed station for your system, added durability, and security. Keeping your iPad safe is crucial and a proper stand will achieve this for you. Many stands offer tilted or units on swivel bases to provide easy access especially when requiring a signature or pin code on debit and credit card purchases. Brands like Heckler Design provide a range of stands for all iPad models in a variety of colors.

Receipt Printer

While some customers will accept an e-receipt today, many will still want a printed receipt from their transaction. In a traditional POS station there are a host of desktop receipt printers that can readily connect to your iPad. For applications that require full mobility, there are also a range of mobile receipt printers that can wirelessly connect to an iPad.

All of these printer options utilize thermal printing for a simple solution that does not require any ink cartridge helping keep costs down and making operation simple.

Cash Drawer

Probably the most obvious accessory, cash drawers provide a secure and lockable place to store cash. Cash drawers can be connected wirelessly to the iPad to only open when a cash transaction occurs as well as be manually locked for maximum security. Although less and less customers opt to pay with cash, it’s still not an option not to have a proper cash drawer.

Credit Card Reader

Credit and Debit card usage is arguably the most common form of payment for many businesses today. Without the ability to properly and securely process a card you can drastically effect a customer’s decision to visit your business. Luckily, there are a host of credit card readers that connect directly to an iPad for easy and secure payment processing. All you have to do is to swipe the card which will input the require information into your POS application. From here the customer will just need to sign the screen to authorize the transaction. With a proper credit card reader you will ensure the most convenient shopping experience for your customers.

Barcode Scanner

Some business many not see a requirement for a barcode scanner if their product set or services are limited since employees can properly identify things accurately. In many retail applications the sheer number of products us too large to efficiently and correctly check out customers. This is where a barcode scanner can keep check out lines short and ensure you are  charging customer for the correct products. Scanners can easily connect wirelessly to your iPad so you don’t have to deal with cable clutter and even allow you to take things to the sales floor for additional functions like product look-ups and inventory management.

Getting the Most Out of Your POS System

With the right combination of accessories and your iPad you can make a fully functional POS system with a minimal budget and maximal functionality. With the very basics of an iPad, iPad stand, cash drawer, and card reader you can get up an running with the ability to expand your system as your business grows. Your POS system is something that can make your business run efficiently while making life easier and having the right complimentary accessories are key to success.

For further assistance finding all the components for a successful iPad based POS system, contact one of our POS specialists at Barcodes Inc.

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