Code Announces Fully Integrated Wi-Fi Imaged-Based Bar Code Reader

Posted March 25, 2013

Code announced plans to launch its newest offering; a fully integrated Wi-Fi image based bar code reader this spring. The technology will be added to the existing Code Reader 2600 (CR2600), which raised the industry bar for image based decoding and omnidirectional reading of both 1D and 2D bar codes when it launched in the fall of 2012. Garrett Russell, vice-president of marketing at Code stressed the clear benefits to users: “With the introduction of Code Wi-Fi readers, companies now have a long range option for added mobility, increased security and greater profitability”.

The Code Reader 2600 available in Bluetooth and now Wi-Fi versions give users the flexibility to select a mobile bar code reading solution that best fits their present and future needs. The Code Reader 2600 Wi-Fi version will allow businesses to increase coverage range that were once restricted to Bluetooth, enabling real-time communication over existing Wi-Fi networks.

Added security with CR2600 Wi-Fi
Data integrity is not compromised because companies can utilize existing Wi-Fi network data security protocols. In addition, increased range accessibility is simple with multiple connection points through individual device IP addresses.

“We are thrilled to bring Wi-Fi to the market! Our vendors, clients, and distributors have expressed interest in Wi-Fi and we found the CR2600 to be the perfect bar code reading platform to integrate this technology”. said Russell.

CR2600 Wi-Fi readers features:

  • Increased user mobility and expanded communication range
  • Connects directly into an organization’s Wi-Fi infrastructure though individual device address
  • Data security through established Wi-Fi network protocols
  • Unlimited reader connectivity to a Wi-Fi network
  • IP65 rating
  • All-inclusive kits available (reader/charger in each)
  • Replaceable, rechargeable battery cartridges with fuel gauge indicators
  • Omnidirectional reading of both 1D and 2D bar codes
  • Palm and handled configurations

The CR2600 comes in an all-inclusive kit, and Code now offers a Quad-Bay Battery Charging Station. The battery station charges up to four battery cartridges simultaneously and each bay tracks individual charging status via an LED display.

For more details on the soon to be available Wi-Fi CR2600, contact us at Barcodes Inc.

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