Choosing the Right Barcode Label Printer

Posted October 16, 2014

cl4nxIf it is your first time or been a while since you’ve last looked at getting a barcode label printer you may be surprised by the range of possible features currently available on even the most basic of printers. Printing labels has never been simpler and printers that are easy to operate with limited maintenance are commonplace.

With the following main concerns we assume you know the general basics of printing like the difference between thermal transfer and direct thermal, ribbon/label materials, print speeds etc… These points focus more on printer features that will make the daily operation easier and faster for any user.

Printer Construction

Depending on the environment you are working in having a printer that is designed to handle the wear and tear of daily abuse is crucial to a productive printing experience. Desktop printers designed for lower volume office or retail applications will have plastic  cases with a metal frame while industrial models will have complete metal designs.


With the ready availability of cheaper and better screens, most printers today come with some kind of display to communicate errors, supply outages, and configuration options. Making sure the screen is large and bright enough to make reading it easy is key to making sure the operator  keeps things working smoothly.

Replacing Media

Arguably the most important aspect of any printers operation, having a printer that is easy to replace labels and ribbon will be a key time saver and improve productivity drastically. In addition to media, an easy to access and replace printhead should be a concern. Being able to maneuver inside the printer easily means spending less unnecessary time trying to load consumables or replace normal wear parts.

Printer Set-Up

Given the wide range of emulations and connectivity options available today, choosing a printer that comes with a good selection of on-board emulations and multiple interface options will simplify installation into any application.

Media Supply

Selecting a printer solution that has a large enough media capacity to match your application needs will provide you with less operational downtime spent changing label and ribbon rolls.

Choosing the best thermal printer for your needs will encompass flexibly, operator friendly features, strong and reliable construction, and a provide any operator the means to stay productive and efficient.

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