Biometric Associates’ 3000MP Reader Approved by DoD for Android

Posted June 14, 2016
Biometric Associates baiMobile 3000MP Bluetooth Smart Card ReaderBiometric Associates, LP has announced that the baiMobile 3000MP Bluetooth Smart Card Reader has been approved for use with Android smartphones and tablets by the US Department of Defense. The baiMobile 3000MP is the first and only Bluetooth CAC/PIV reader to pass all NSA and DISA required Bluetooth security tests for Android devices.  DISA approval of the reader is documented in the DISA Mobility Security Technical Implementation Guide recently published.

In addition to the 3000MP Reader, the baiMobile solution also includes 1) middleware libraries, device drivers and APIs that are provided to developers enabling them to build smart card-enabled applications and 2) security files installed on the Android device to enforce Bluetooth security policies.

The baiMobile solution permits network or client applications residing on the Android device to access the credentials stored on the smart card to perform functions such as digitally signing and decrypting emails, and authenticating to secure web sites and network servers.

Scott Johnson, BAL Executive Vice President and COO, noted, “The timing of this DISA STIG coincides perfectly with the planned launch for the Army’s mobile application store, the Army Marketplace. Most of these apps will require CAC authentication and our baiMobile® solution provides this capability.”

Security is a primary concern, according to Michael McCarthy, operations director of the Army Brigade Modernization Command’s Mission Command Complex, “We have to be able to harden the OS and the device itself so that we can operate all the way to classified networks and use the phone to operate mission command systems.”

BAL has partnered with Good Technology, a leader in secure multiplatform enterprise mobility, Dell Computer and Fixmo, Inc, who each provided the technology required to “harden” commercial, off-the-shelf Android OS to run on smartphones like the Dell Streak 5. The combined result is the first STIG-certified Android OS device that provides to the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and Federal agencies  secure access to signed and encrypted e-mail, business applications, a partitioned ecosystem of Android apps, and Intranet-based content anytime, from anywhere.

“The government is becoming an increasingly plugged-in, linked-in and connected environment wherein customers are looking for more ways to take advantage of today’s mobile technologies to save money and improve productivity while maintaining security,” said Chris Roberts, vice president of public sector sales at Good Technology. “We’re thrilled that in working with our partners at BAL, we’ve successfully created a secure way for military and Federal personnel to utilize the most cutting edge mobile technology, while maintaining the highest levels of security.”

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