Barcode Architecture

Posted June 28, 2013

ku-xlargeThough they may not take center stage most of the time, barcodes are a part of everyday life even if we don’t realize it. From every product you buy or use to tracking patients at a hospital, barcodes have become deeply integrated into modern life.  It’s no surprise then that such a culturally embedded technology would effect other realms like architecture and design.

These are some of the more interesting examples of buildings that take their design inspiration from the humble little barcode.

An office building in Middelburg, Netherlands, by Hercuton
ku-xlarge (7)

A warehouse by Lacoste + Stevenson Architects, Greystanes, New South Wales, Australia
ku-xlarge (2)

Shtrikh Kod (means Barcode) Building, St. Petersburg, Russia deisgned by Vitruvius & Sons Studio
ku-xlarge (5)

Barcode Hall, Lingang New City, China designed by Meinhard von Gerkan
ku-xlarge (6)

Somewhere in A Coruña, Spain
ku-xlarge (4)

A wall painting by Jan Timm
ku-xlarge (3)

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