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Posted March 21, 2013

The worlds of Barcoding and Point of Sale are constantly evolving and changing to the needs of many types of businesses. Advances in technology and the need for mobility, constantly drive changes and advancements.

Keeping up with all the product updates, new solutions, and current innovations is no easy task. Luckily, there are a host of online resources from industry leaders and independent users we can put to use. In addition to this  site, these other resources are ideal for finding out about new scanners, mobile computers, and POS systems as well as different ways to implement them in your business.

Intermec Realtime – Current news and updates for all things Intermec

The Point of Sale News –  A great general resource site to help keep you up-to-date on all the advances in POS.

Storefront Backtalk – Retail and E-Commerce focused site.

The Barcode News – All encompassing site for barcode technology related products and solutions.

Star Printer POS Blog – Dedicated to Star Micronics POS products

Barcode Nerds Blog – Another great blog on the many uses of barcodes

2D Code – Everything you’ll need to know about 2D codes and how they are being implemented in new a creative ways.

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