Add Mobility to your Datamac E-Class Printer with the New MPU-4000

Posted March 15, 2013

High performance, rechargeable battery pack allows desktop printer to be used in mobile printing applications

Datamax-O’Neil announced the availability of their MPU-4000, a fully integrated battery pack that attaches to the bottom of the E-Class Mark III printer, delivering enough power for the printer to operate for days without recharging.  Utilizing long lasting lithium polymer batteries, the MPU-4000 combined with the E-Class Mark III is ideal for higher duty applications that require the endurance and speed of a desktop printer but the mobility and long battery life of a portable printer.

“The MPU-4000 is easy to install, easy to maintain and, when combined with the E-Class Mark III’s wireless connectivity, is the most cost effective, high performance mobile printing solution available today,” said Raul Palacios, Senior Product Manager for Datamax-O’Neil.  “Many of our customers need the high-duty cycles and thermal transfer capabilities of a desktop printer, but they also need the ability to be mobile, particularly for in-vehicle or on-cart applications.”

According to Palacios, the E-Class Mark III / MPU-4000 combination is a game changer.  “Once our partners see it, they quickly understand how they can take advantage of this solution and differentiate themselves from the competition.   We’ve already run successful trials in the agricultural sector where labels are printed in the field to track time, location and plot number of produce being harvested.

“I also see clear benefits to the healthcare and retail sectors since they have been using carts for many years, but may have not adopted mobile printing due to a lack of the connectivity and the high power requirements of the printer.  Our powerful solution lets them go wherever they need to go and do their job quickly and effectively.”

For more information or to order an MPU-4000, contact us at Barcodes Inc.

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