Alien Introduces Two New UHF Passive Inlays – Wonder Dog ALN-9768 and SIT H4

Posted April 9, 2014

Alien has introduced two new UHF passive RFID inlays. The Wonder Dog ALN-9768 is a high-performance, no compromise inlay where size (3.3 x 0.9” / 86 x 23mm) is less of an issue than the desire for optimal read sensitivity with high levels of backscatter. At the other extreme, Alien also announced a Higgs4 IC near-field inlay(0.47 x 0.35” / 12 x 9mm) that targets applications requiring short read distances and where space is constrained.

The Wonder Dog is truly a general purpose, high-performance inlay. While this inlay can be used on most surfaces, the inlay provides unusually good read and write performance for a standard thickness inlay when mounted close to radio frequency (RF) reflective surfaces such as metals.

“The general-purpose nature of the Wonder Dog inlay allows it to be used in myriad applications,” said Pat Ervin, Alien Technology, Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing. “However, we designed this tag so that it can be used when attached to bottles of liquids or attached just above the surface of metals—such as consumer electronics devices, metalized automotive windshields and metal containers or vessels.”

Another benefit of this inlay is that it does not necessarily require a high-performance reader. The Wonder Dog inlay is able to operate at low power levels, as is often the case with handheld passive UHF readers. This allows the tag to be used in Automotive Vehicle Identification applications where the tag is placed on an automotive windshield with embedded metalized sun protection, while still being read with a low-power handheld reader.

The SIT H4 is a diminutive inlay that is a true near-field design. Its size and characteristics lead itself to mounting on small objects requiring close proximity reads. The read-range increases when the inlay is mounted close to metals. This combination makes it an excellent solution for tagging jewelry, pharmaceutical vials, food product packaging, access control, loyalty cards and numerous counterfeiting applications where the inlay can be easily concealed.

With the Alien Higgs4 IC at its core, the SIT H4 provides authentication and security features including Dynamic Authentication anti-cloning technology, block perma-lock and read password protection in 32 bit blocks (more fine-grained control than alternative solutions).

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