Posiflex’s Award Winning HS2310 All-in-One POS Terminal

Posted September 10, 2014

The Posiflex HS2310, an ultra-small All-in-One point-of-service terminal with a multi-touch projected capacitive screen, has been recognized for engineering excellence as a winner of the 2014 Red Dot Award for Product Design and the 2013 COMPUTEX Design & Innovation award. This 10” projected capacitive touch screen terminal comes integrated with a 3” thermal printer, encryption-capable magnetic stripe reader, WiFi and optional secondary customer displays.

The HS2310 is 60% smaller (Width 8.8” x Depth 7.3” x Height 15.2”) than the traditional terminal and printer footprint to allow use of every inch of valuable counter space. Even though this terminal is small, it supports a fast Intel D525 dual core 1.8 GHz processor with 1MB cache and up to 4GB of system memory. The HS2310, just taller than a wine bottle, runs the same software image as the widely-deployed Posiflex XT3215 and KS7215 touch screen terminals for easy network deployment. A wide suite of certified KS7215 / XT3215 applications include gaming, healthcare and Point-of-Sale (POS) systems for small and medium sized hospitality, retail or convenience stores.

Andre Nataf, Senior Business Development Manager for Digital Dining, notes that “the HS2310 is a perfect platform for the Digital Dining kiosk software used in loyalty programs, food trucks or small quick service restaurant locations. Since we already certified the KS7215 and XT3215, we were assured software compatibility. With the HS2310 backed by many years of field-tested and proven Posiflex reliability, we expect the small HS2310 to pack a big punch.”

In many environments, a blended solution—the use of both tablets and fixed-station terminals—make sense. However, finding a correct balance is challenging. If a tablet ends up being used in a fixed position, it results in a clumsy clutter of cables and devices, as an MSR, stand and printer must be patch-worked together.

HS2310 applications include:

  • Traditional Point of Sale. The HS2310 shines as a small-footprint POS device in small and medium sized businesses, such as shopping mall retail kiosks, quick service restaurants, convenience stores or any place where space is at a premium. In retail—where counter space equals potential product placement for promotional advertising dollars—every inch counts.
  • Overflow POS. As the wireless HS2310 weighs less than 10 pounds, it can be set up anywhere in temporary or overflow checkout situations such as sidewalk sales, high-traffic seasonal sales or other special events.
  • Mini-Kiosk. Rather than the footprint of a large traditional kiosk, the HS2310 can be a mini-kiosk in both retail and hospitality for looking up product information, self-service checkout, loyalty programs or self-service ordering.
  • Table Customer Engagement. Some restaurants install tablets on their tables so customers may order, pay their bill, play games, print a receipt, or see specials. However, theft may be an issue as a tablet has consumer value. Utilizing a commercially-hardened HS2310 provides all the flexibility of a tablet, but in a form factor that is less likely to be stolen.
  • Time and Attendance. With optional, integrated biometric capability, the HS2310 can be used for employees clocking in, as fingerprint identification prevents “buddy punching” (one person signs in for another). Biometrics also ensures the person using the terminal is authorized.

For long-term operating systems support demanded in commercial roll outs, the HS2310 is available with the embedded version of Win 8.1. Additional operating systems support is available for POS Ready 7 or Win 7.

An HS2310 solution is a much cleaner and superior solution to the Posiflex XP3315 that it replaces, with more processing power, MSR and printer integration, optional fingerprint security, a choice of hard or solid state drives, and extensive port options. The HS2310 ports include 5 x USB, 3 x serial, LAN, PS/2, parallel and a cash drawer port controlling two devices.

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