Zebra’s New ET50/55 Enterprise Tablets

Posted September 16, 2015

Zebra ET50/55 Tablet ComputerThe enterprise tablet market barely existed a few years ago and yet the adoption of enterprise tablets continues on an upward trajectory that few predicted where an ever increasing set of applications and use cases are emerging. On one hand, big windows applications are being modified to support mobility. On the other, needs being satisfied by traditional mobile handheld devices are now being met with enterprise class tablets providing improved processing power, battery efficiency, and durability.

Today’s fragmented tablet market creates a distinctive opportunity for Zebra Technologies and the introduction of the ET50 and ET55 line of tablets. ET5X tablets are not consumer grade solutions and nor are they fully rugged, high tier PC devices. ET5X takes a value approach by delivering the reliability and enterprise solutions that consumer tablets miss while being selective on the features and specifications to control costs. A diversity of ET5X accessories enables a myriad of enterprise use cases in various verticals including field service, transportation and logistics, direct store delivery, manufacturing, and retail/hospitality.

ET5X presents a full line of solutions. ET50 (WLAN ONLY) and ET55 (WAN) will release in 8.3” and 10.1” versions. Both will release with Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Pro and an Android Lollipop version will release at a later date. These new tablets are designed to meet drop to concrete durability tests and are IP65 sealed. While ET5X represents a sleek and elegant design, a rugged frame can be added to meet demanding industrial needs. A full line of accessories complements the ET5X family with solutions for inventory management, long battery life usage, and cradling solutions for storage management to manager workstations and highly demanding vehicular applications.

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